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Academic Skills BIC-0036 Module
Applied Psychology BIC-1016 Module
Auditing BIC-0032 Module
Auditing BIC-3031 Module
Behavioural Psychology BIC-1012 Module
Biological Psychology BIC-1015 Module
Business English BIC-0024 Module
Business English BIC-3023 Module
Business Environment BIC-3027 Module
Business Environment BIC-0028 Module
Business Functions BIC-0012 Module
Business Law BIC-0013 Module
Business Project/Study Skills BIC-1002 Module
Business Strategy & Marketing BIC-3026 Module
Business Strategy & Marketing BIC-0027 Module
Computing 2 BIC-0007 Module
Computing I BIC-0006 Module
Concepts in PSychology BIC-3013 Module
English 1 BIC-3021 Module
English 1 - PSychology BIC-3011 Module
English 2 BIC-3022 Module
English 2 - Psychology BIC-3016 Module
English for Academic Purposes BIC-0001 Module
English for IIM Prep 1 BIC-0022 Module
English for IIM Prep 2 BIC-0023 Module
English for UniversityLearning BIC-1001 Module
Finance & Investment Banking BIC-0033 Module
Finance & Investment Banking BIC-3032 Module
Financial Accounting BIC-0030 Module
Financial Accounting BIC-0015 Module
Financial Accounting BIC-3029 Module
Intro to Financial & Mgmt Acc BIC-1006 Module
Intro to Welsh Context BIC-3015 Module
Introduction to Business BIC-1003 Module
Introduction to Economics BIC-1005 Module
Introduction to Psychology BIC-1014 Module
IT & Comm Skills BIC-0005 Module
Legal Sys in Eng & Wales BIC-0016 Module
Macroeconomics BIC-0019 Module
Management Accounting BIC-3030 Module
Management Accounting BIC-0031 Module
Management in Context BIC-3025 Module
Management in Context BIC-0026 Module
Management Studies BIC-0014 Module
Mathematics 1 (Pure) BIC-0002 Module
Maths 2 (Mechanics) BIC-0003 Module
Maths 3 (Further) BIC-0004 Module
Maths For Bus & Soc Sci BIC-0011 Module
Maths for Business & Finance BIC-1004 Module
Media Studies (Film & TV) BIC-0021 Module
Media Studies (News Media) BIC-0017 Module
Microeconomics BIC-0018 Module
PG Study - Psychology BIC-3017 Module
Physics 1 BIC-0008 Module
Physics 2 BIC-0009 Module
PID - Psychology BIC-3014 Module
Postgrad Business in the UK BIC-0025 Module
Postgrad Business in the UK BIC-3024 Module
Professional Studies - Psy BIC-3020 Module
Psychology 1 BIC-0020 Module
Quantative Methods for Busines BIC-3028 Module
Quantative Methods for Busines BIC-0029 Module
Research Methods (Psychology) BIC-3001 Module
Research Methods - Psychology BIC-1010 Module
Research Methods - Psychology BIC-3018 Module
Scientific Communication BIC-1011 Module
Scientific Communication BIC-3019 Module
Social Psychology BIC-1013 Module
Study Skills - Psychology BIC-3012 Module
UK Gov & Society BIC-0010 Module

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