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  1. Core Reading 2 items
    These are the two core texts referred to in the module outline.
    1. Starting out in methods and statistics for psychology: a hands-on guide to doing research - Victoria Bourne 2017

      Book Testyn Craidd - Core Text The web code WEBXSTU98 will give anyone purchasing the book through this website a 20% discount:

    2. Publication manual of the American Psychological Association - American Psychological Association c2010

      Book Awgrymir y dylai myfyrwyr ei brynu - Suggested for Student Purchase This book is the core text for your SWaC classes and also provides all the necessary information for writing a clear, concise research report adhering to APA style. Therefore it is also a core text for this module

  2. Additional reading 2 items
    These texts contain information that is not covered in the core textbook. You will find these helpful for your research report
    1. Cognitive control in media multitaskers - E. Ophir, C. Nass, A. D. Wagner 15/09/2009


    2. Working memory, fluid intelligence, and impulsiveness in heavy media multitaskers - Meredith Minear, Faith Brasher, Mark McCurdy, Jack Lewis 12/2013


  3. Other useful books about research methods and statistics 5 items
    Sometimes reading a different book, that is not the core text, can also benefit your understanding.
    1. Statistics without maths for psychology - Christine P. Dancey, John Reidy 2011

      Book  An older version of your core text.

    2. The psychologist's companion: a guide to professional success for students, teachers, and researchers - Robert J. Sternberg, Karin Sternberg 2016


    3. SPSS 12 made simple - Paul R. Kinnear, Colin D. Gray 2004

      Book  This is an old version of this book, but it is available electronically for you to access online from wherever you are. Handy if you have not got your recommended text with you

    4. Introduction to research methods in psychology - Dennis Howitt, Duncan Cramer 2014


    5. Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS statistics: and sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll - Andy P. Field 2013

      Book  This book is available in the library for any student that wants to read in greater depth in year 1; both in terms of the complexities of SPSS and also statistical notation.

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