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  1. Normalisation 2 items
    Also known as Social Role Valorisation
    1. Normalisation: a reader for the nineties - Hilary Brown, Helen Smith 1992

      Book Testyn Craidd - Core Text

    2. Person-centered planning: research, practice, and future directions - Steve Holburn, Peter Vietze c2002

      Book Darllen Ehangach - Wider Reading Darllen Ehangach - Wider Reading 201617 See chapters by Lyle-O'Brien and John O'Brien and by Kincaid and Fox.

  2. Positive Behaviour Support 3 items
    Definition and scope
    1. Positive Behavior Support: Evolution of an Applied Science - E. G. Carr, G. Dunlap, R. H. Horner, R. L. Koegel 01/01/2002

      Article Testyn Craidd - Core Text

    2. Definition and scope for positive behavioural support - Gore, Nick J

      Article Testyn Craidd - Core Text Available via Blackboard

    3. A conceptual framework for understanding why challenging behaviours occur in people with developmental disabilities - Hastings, Richard P

      Article Darllen Ehangach - Wider Reading Darllen Ehangach - Wider Reading 201617 Available via Blackboard

  3. Active Support 9 items
    Description and Evidence
    1. Chapter 20: 'Active Support' of Handbook of Evidence-Based Practices in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities - Sandy Toogood, Vasiliki Totsika, Edwin Jones, Kathy Lowe

      Chapter Testyn Craidd - Core Text Active Support

    2. International Review of Research in Mental Retardation: Volume 35 17 Dec. 2007

      Book Testyn Craidd - Core Text Essential reading. Please read Chapter 6, Active Support: development, evidence-base and future directions Pages 206-242

    3. Active support: a critical review and commentary. - Stancliffe RJ; Jones E; Mansell J; Lowe K 2008

      Article Testyn Craidd - Core Text

    4. Quality of life: Its definition and measurement - David Felce, Jonathan Perry 1995-1

      Article Darllen Ehangach - Wider Reading Darllen Ehangach - Wider Reading 201617

  4. Functional Assessment Procedures 2 items
    1. Applied behavior analysis - John O. Cooper, Timothy E. Heron, William L. Heward c2014

      Book Testyn Craidd - Core Text Chapter 24 Functional Assessment

  5. Case studies 2 items
    Background reading - session 1
    1. Self‐injury and other challenging behaviour at intervention and ten years on: a case study - Sandy Toogood, Steven Boyd, Andy Bell, Helen Salisbury 31/01/2011

      Article  Available via Blackboard

    2. Establishing a context to reduce challenging behaviour using procedures from active support: a clinical case example - Sandy Toogood, Gemma Drury, Karen Gilsenan, Dave Parry 22/10/2009

      Article  Available via Blackboard

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