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  1. Experimental design 4 items
    1. Experimental design for the life sciences / Graeme D. Ruxton & Nick Colegrave - Graeme D. Ruxton, Nick Colegrave 2016

      Book  Library holds 20 copies of 3rd edition and 5 copies of the 4th edition. A user-friendly guide to good experimental design with lots of clear examples. I highly recommend you seek out a copy of this book and have it to hand when you’re working on your projects. Explores the link between experimental design and stats but isn’t a stats book per se.

    2. Experimental design and data analysis for biologists - G. P. Quinn, Michael J. Keough 2002

      Book  Library holds 18 copies. A heavy-weight but comprehensive book, covering basic and advanced stats as well as experimental design. This is a good one if you’re aiming for a research career, but not as accessible as the Ruxton & Colegrave book.

    3. Measuring behaviour: an introductory guide - Paul R. Martin, P. P. G. Bateson 2007

      Book  Library holds 10 copies. A classic undergrad guide that researchers in behaviour hang on to and refer to down the line (my own copy got permanently borrowed by a project student not so long ago!). If your project is specifically involved with animal behaviour then read this short book!

    4. Underappreciated problems of low replication in ecological field studies - Nathan P. Lemoine, Ava Hoffman, Andrew J. Felton, Lauren Baur 10/2016

      Article  A useful paper which I mention in experimental design workshop 1

  2. Statistical analysis 6 items
    1. Choosing and using statistics: a biologist's guide - Calvin Dytham 2011

      Book  Available as e-book and hard copy via library. Focuses on choosing the right test and making the right inferences from the output without getting hung-up on the calculations. One of my go-to texts if I want to check something. Useful glossary and chart for test choice. Includes information on running a variety of test with different software (including SPSS and R).

    2. Biomeasurement: a student's guide to biological statistics - Dawn May Hawkins 2014

      Book  39 copies in library. This text is the current recommended text for the level 1 data analysis module. If you already own a copy or got on with it previously it’s handy for looking up details of different tests and their assumptions. However, note that this book only uses examples in SPSS (no R).

    3. Getting started with R: an introduction for biologists - Andrew P. Beckerman, Dylan Z. Childs, Owen L. Petchey 2017

      Book  A friendly guide to R basics written for people like us! Covers much of what you’ll be doing in your R sessions and could be a good basic reference if you think you’ll carry on using the program. None currently in the library but you’re welcome to have a look at my copy if you are interested.

    4. Analysing Ecological Data - Alain F. Zuur, Elena N. Ieno, Graham M. Smith, SpringerLink (Online service) 2007 (electronic resource)

      Book  A very useful online resource for those of you working with ecological data.

    5. A protocol for data exploration to avoid common statistical problems - Alain F. Zuur, Elena N. Ieno, Chris S. Elphick 03/2010

      Article  Available online using the link.

    6. Mixed effects models and extensions in ecology with R - Alain F. Zuur 2009

      Book  An e-book available (online resource) and one hard copy in library. Those of you doing ecology projects and who want to work in R will find this useful. It also relates to the workshops James Waggitt will be running.

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