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  1. Works by Kant 7 items
    1. Prolegomena to any future metaphysics that will be able to present itself as a science - Immanuel Kant 1953

      Book Argymhellir ei ddarllen - Recommended Reading As a starting point for Kant's written word, I would try to find a version (not necessarily this edition) of this and read it.

    2. Immanuel Kant's Critique of pure reason - Immanuel Kant, Norman Kemp Smith 1934


    3. Immanuel Kant's Critique of pure reason - Immanuel Kant, Norman Kemp Smith 1929


    4. Groundwork of the metaphysics of morals - Immanuel Kant, Mary J. Gregor 1998


    5. Groundwork for the metaphysics of morals - Immanuel Kant, Allen W. Wood, J. B. Schneewind c2002


    6. Groundwork of the metaphysic of morals - Immanuel Kant, H. J. Paton 1964

      Book  My favoured translation...

    7. Religion within the boundaries of mere reason and other writings - Immanuel Kant, Allen W. Wood, George Di Giovanni 1998


  2. Works about Kant 10 items
    1. Kantian antitheodicy: philosophical and literary varieties - Sami Pihlström, Sari Kivistö 2016


    2. Kant: a very short introduction - Roger Scruton 2001

      Book Argymhellir ei ddarllen - Recommended Reading Also recommended. Again, this version not necessarily the only available. I believe a work more or less the same as this is in the library simply as 'Kant'; you will find it (in the library and online) by searching for the author.

    3. Immanuel Kant - Rohlf, Michael

      Article Argymhellir ei ddarllen - Recommended Reading

    4. Realism and Anti-Realism in Kant's Second Critique - Patrick Kain 09/2006

      Article  If you fancy a challenge... Engage with some contemporary research! Interpreting Kant is still a very live debate...

    5. Kant's critique of pure reason: a commentary for students - T. E. Wilkerson 1998


    6. Politics and Metaphysics in Kant - Sorin Baiasu, Howard Williams, Sami Pihlstrœm 2011 (electronic resource)


    7. Kant's Paralogisms - Patricia Kitcher 1982


  3. Modern Philosophy 10 items
    1. A short history of modern philosophy: from Descartes to Wittgenstein - Roger Scruton, Roger Scruton 2002

      Book Argymhellir ei ddarllen - Recommended Reading A really useful book. Quite brief, but informative.

    2. The chief works of Benedict de Spinoza - Benedictus de Spinoza, Robert Harvey Monro Elwes 84/1883

      Book  A general note about classics like this: We are lucky to have a profound philosophical heritage here at Bangor, reflected in the contents of the library. This, for instance, an 1893 edition of the works of Spinoza, bound and marked as the 'U.C.N.W.'. It's a rare and, although probably not worth much financially, historically valuable book. Many, many of these books are being shifted into long-term storage, destined for the scrap-heap. This work, for instance, I had to request to be moved back from the research reserve. This process will happen so long as the books are not taken out of the library... So I'd encourage, ney, implore you to take these classic works out once in a while, to refresh their perceived importance in the system. Otherwise they'll be lost forever!

    3. The Cambridge Companion to Leibniz 1994

      Book  There are quite a few books about Leibniz in the library. I'm not too familiar with many of them, so go and explore!

    4. The Cambridge Companion to Berkeley - Kenneth P. Winkler 2005

      Book  Again, there's quite a bit on Berkeley in the library: Go forth and explore.

    5. An essay concerning human understanding - John Locke, P. H. Nidditch 1979,c1975


    6. A treatise of human nature - David Hume, L. A. Selby-Bigge 1888


    7. The Humean Theory of Motivation - MICHAEL SMITH 1987

      Article Argymhellir ei ddarllen - Recommended Reading

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