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Name Code Type
Administrative Justice SXL-3120 Module
Administrative Justice SXL-2120 Module
Admiralty Law SXL-4049 Module
Advance Mooting & Legal Ethics SXL-2220 Module
App Proc Research Project SXL-4841 Module
App Proc Research Project SXL-4741 Module
App Proc Research Projects SXL-4441 Module
Britain and the EU SXL-3500 Module
Canadian Constitutional Law SXL-3153 Module
Canadian Constitutional Law SXL-2153 Module
Carriage of Goods by Sea SXL-4125 Module
Carriage of Goods by Sea SXL-4025 Module
Cert Tendering Competency: WBL SXL-4447 Module
Children's Rights & The Law SXL-4046 Module
Commercial Law SXL-2150 Module
Commercial Law SXL-3112 Module
Commercial Law SXL-3150 Module
Company Law SXL-3121 Module
Company Law SXL-2121 Module
Company Law for Business SXL-2137 Module
Company Law for Business SXL-3137 Module
Comparative Corp. Governance SXL-4011 Module
Comparative Corp. Governance SXL-4411 Module
Competition Law SXL-4001 Module
Competition Law SXL-4401 Module
Contemporary Chinese Studies 1 SXL-1507 Module
Contemporary Chinese Studies 2 SXL-2507 Module
Contract Design & Management SXL-4740 Module
Contract Design & Management SXL-4840 Module
Contract Design & Mgmt SXL-4440 Module
Contract Law SXL-1112 Module
Contract Law SXL-2212 Module
Criminal Law SXL-3143 Module
Criminal Law SXL-2113 Module
Cyfraith Datganoli SCL-3139 Module
Cyfraith Datganoli SCL-2139 Module
Dissertation SXL-4300 Module
Dissertation SXL-3113 Module
Employment Law SXL-3128 Module
Employment Law SXL-2128 Module
Employment Law SXL-4414 Module
Employment Law SXL-4014 Module
English for Law PhDs SXL-5001 Module
Equity and Trusts SXL-3311 Module
Equity and Trusts SXL-2211 Module
EU Internal Market Law SXL-4024 Module
EU Internal Market Law SXL-4424 Module
European Union Law SXL-2110 Module
European Union Law SXL-3210 Module
Evidence SXL-3125 Module
Evidence SXL-2125 Module
Expert Evidence in Court SXL-3148 Module
Expert Evidence in Court SXL-4148 Module
Family & Welfare Law SXL-3126 Module
Family and Welfare Law SXL-2126 Module
Forensic Linguistics in Court SXL-4026 Module
Forensic Linguistics in Court SXL-3026 Module
Global Trade Law SXL-4010 Module
Global Trade Law SXL-4410 Module
Int'l Procurement Regimes SXL-4436 Module
Int'l Year Abroad - Languages SXL-2900 Module
Int'nl Law of Armed Conflict SXL-4045 Module
Int. Climate Change Law & Pol. SXL-4052 Module
Int. Law & Contemporary Issues SXL-3110 Module
Intellectual Property Law SXL-4004 Module
Intellectual Property Law SXL-2136 Module
Intellectual Property Law SXL-3136 Module
Intellectual Property Law SXL-4404 Module
Intern. Procurement Regulation SXL-4836 Module
Internat'l Environmental Law SXL-2147 Module
International Banking Law SXL-4405 Module
International Banking Law SXL-4005 Module
International Criminal Law SXL-2146 Module
International Criminal Law SXL-4041 Module
International Criminal Law SXL-3146 Module
International Environmental Law SXL-3147 Module
International Human Rights Law SXL-3144 Module
International Human Rights Law SXL-4042 Module
International Human Rights Law SXL-2144 Module
International Law of the Sea SXL-3142 Module
International Procurement Reg SXL-4736 Module
International Sales Law SXL-4008 Module
International Year Abroad Law SXL-2901 Module
Intn'l Commercial Arbitration SXL-4006 Module
Intn'l. Commercial Arbitration SXL-4406 Module
Intro to Chinese Legal System SXL-2506 Module
Intro to EU Public Procurement SXL-3432 Module
Intro to Interna'l Procurement SXL-3436 Module
Introduction to Legal Ethics SXL-1117 Module
Jurisprudence SXL-2127 Module
Jurisprudence SXL-3127 Module
Land Law SXL-3111 Module
Law for Non-Lawyers SXL-2114 Module
Law for Non-Lawyers SXL-1114 Module
Law of the Sea SXL-4048 Module
Law, Religion and Belief SXL-4134 Module
Leadership & Risk Management SXL-4839 Module
Leadership & Risk Management SXL-4739 Module
Legal Research Jurisprudence SXL-3135 Module
Legal Research Jurisprudence SXL-2135 Module
Legal Research Methods SXL-4109 Module
Legal Research Methods SXL-4409 Module
Legal Research Methods SXL-4009 Module
Legal Research Methods SXL-4119 Module
Legal Skills SXL-2215 Module
Legal Skills SXL-1115 Module
Legal Skills- Profes'l English SXL-1116 Module
Legal System England & Wales SXL-1113 Module
Legal System England & Wales SXL-2213 Module
Marine Insurance SXL-4403 Module
Marine Insurance SXL-4003 Module
Materion Cyfoes Cyfreithiol SCL-3115 Module
Materion Cyfoes Cyfreithiol SCL-2115 Module
Media Law SXL-2130 Module
Media Law SXL-3130 Module
Medical Law and Ethics SXL-3149 Module
Nat & European Pub Proc Law SXL-4432 Module
Nat & European Pub Proc Law B SXL-0432 Module
PhD Research Seminars SXL-5000 Module
Proc Relationships & Ethics SXL-4438 Module
Proc. Relationships & Ethics SXL-4738 Module
Proc. Relationships & Ethics SXL-4838 Module
Procurement Law & Practice SXL-4832 Module
Procurement Law & Practice SXL-4732 Module
Procuring Innovation SXL-4734 Module
Procuring Innovation SXL-4834 Module
Public International Law SXL-4040 Module
Public International Law SXL-3145 Module
Public International Law SXL-2145 Module
Public Law SXL-1110 Module
Public Law SXL-2210 Module
Research Methods & Skills SXL-4731 Module
Research Methods & Skills SXL-4831 Module
Roman Law and Legal History SXL-1118 Module
Roman Law and Legal History SXL-2118 Module
Startup Law SXL-3151 Module
Strategic Issues inProcurement SXL-4830 Module
Strategic Issues inProcurement SXL-4730 Module
Strategic Proc & Leadership SXL-4439 Module
Sust & Soc Procurement SXL-4733 Module
Tort SXL-3212 Module
Tort SXL-2112 Module
Y Gyfraith ar Waith SCL-3141 Module
Y Gyfraith ar Waith SCL-2141 Module
Y Gyfraith ar Waith B SCL-7141 Module
Y Gyfraith yn Gymraeg SCL-1115 Module

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