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Name Code Type
Accelerating Expertise JXH-4105 Module
Advance Research Skills JXH-4003 Module
Advanced Research Skills JXH-4209 Module
Adventure Tourism JXT-3004 Module
App Sport Sci of Elite Perf JXH-3037 Module
Applied Sport Psych JXH-2036 Module
Arweini Ymchwil Llwyddianus JXC-1044 Module
Asesiad Ffisiolegol JXC-2038 Module
Astudiaeth Annibynnol JXC-4009 Module
Behavioural Science JXF-1980 Module
Biochemistry of Exercise JXH-3055 Module
Biomechanics JXH-1020 Module
Biomechanics JXF-1963 Module
Coach Athlete Relationships JXH-4214 Module
Conducting Successful research JXH-1044 Module
Conference & Events Management JXT-2006 Module
Cynnig Prosiect Ymchwil JXC-2041 Module
Disability Sport & Rehab JXH-3047 Module
Dissertation JXH-4317 Module
Dissertation JXH-4901 Module
Dissertation JXH-3054 Module
Dissertation JXH-3053 Module
Dissertation Proposal JXH-4210 Module
Dissertation proposal JXH-4021 Module
Dulliau Ymchwill JXC-2016 Module
Effective Coach Practice JXH-4022 Module
Effective Coaching JXH-4004 Module
Egwyddorion Cryfder a Chyflyru JXC-1040 Module
Environmental Physio (high alt JXH-3038 Module
Environmental Physiology JXH-3039 Module
Exercise for Clinical Populati JXH-3048 Module
Exercise is Medicine JXH-4001 Module
Exercise Physiology JXF-2980 Module
Exercise Psychology JXH-4005 Module
Exercise Psychology JXH-2037 Module
Exercise Rehabilitation JXH-4017 Module
Ffisioleg Chwaraeon ac Ymarfer JXC-2024 Module
Ffisioleg Dynol JXC-1017 Module
Ffisioleg Iechyd JXC-2013 Module
Food & Beverage Management JXT-2004 Module
Foundation Year Project JXF-0001 Module
Functional Anatomy JXF-1981 Module
Global Dimensions of Tourism JXT-2001 Module
Group Dynamics JXH-3035 Module
Guest Service Management JXT-1004 Module
gymnasteg addysgu ac athletau JXC-1025 Module
Health Physiology JXH-2013 Module
Heritage& Experimental Tourism JXT-3005 Module
Higher Skills JXH-4012 Module
Hospitality & Tourism Ethics JXT-3002 Module
Hospitality Operations Intro JXT-1003 Module
How motivation really works JXH-4107 Module
Human Physiology JXH-1017 Module
Individual Perf Psychology JXH-4104 Module
Innovation in Management JXT-2007 Module
International Exp Placement JXH-3056 Module
International Exp Placement JXH-4025 Module
International Experience JXH-2044 Module
International Experience JXH-3061 Module
International H & T Marketing JXT-2005 Module
International Placement JXH-3060 Module
International Placement JXH-2043 Module
Intro to Hospitality & Events JXT-1002 Module
Intro Travel Tourism Ind Uzbek JXT-1001 Module
Latent Variable Modelling ZXX-4006 Module
Llythrennedd Corfforol JXC-3059 Module
llythrennedd corfforol JXC-2032 Module
Marketing & Consumer Behaviour JXT-1005 Module
Master Research Project JXH-4902 Module
MICE JXT-2002 Module
Motor Control & Learning JXH-2020 Module
MSci Prosiect Ymchwil JXC-4902 Module
Nutrition and Hydration JWB-1043 Module
Nutrition for Exercise Rehab JXH-4016 Module
Outdoor Act - coaching skills JXF-2981 Module
Outdoor Act - skill developmen JXF-2982 Module
Outdoor activites - coaching JXF-1983 Module
Outdoor Actvities - Foundation JXF-1982 Module
Paratoi i addysgu JXC-2031 Module
Pedagogeg ar gyfer YC 1 JXC-1026 Module
Pedagogeg ar gyfer YC 2 JXC-2033 Module
Pedagogy for PE 1 JXH-1026 Module
Pedagogy for PE 2 JXH-2033 Module
Peer reviewing scientific JXH-4015 Module
Perception & Action JXH-3026 Module
Perfformiad Ffisioleg JXC-4007 Module
Perfformiad Seicolegol JXC-4002 Module
Performance Physio JXH-4007 Module
Performance Physio B JXH-0007 Module
Performance Physiology JWB-4007 Module
Performance Psychology JXH-4002 Module
Performing Under Pressure JXH-4101 Module
Personality & Ind Diffs JXH-3034 Module
Physical Activity & Health JXH-1028 Module
Physical Literacy JXH-2032 Module
Physical Literacy JXH-3059 Module
Physiological assess skills JXH-2038 Module
Portfolio Academic skills JXH-1021 Module
Prac Water Based Lead & Coach JXH-2028 Module
Practical Land Based Skills JXH-1024 Module
Practical Land Based Skills II JXH-2029 Module
Practical Research Skills JXH-1043 Module
Practical sports coaching JXF-1985 Module
Practical Water Based Skills JXH-1023 Module
Preparing to Teach JXH-2031 Module
Presentations in statistics JXH-4014 Module
Principles of Strength & Cond JXH-1040 Module
Professional development JXF-1984 Module
Profiad dan oruchwyliaeth JXC-4008 Module
Project Proposal JXH-2041 Module
Project Proposal JXH-2002 Module
Project Proposal JXC-2002 Module
Prosiect Ymchwil JXC-3001 Module
Psych of Injury & Rehab JXH-4019 Module
Psych of Team Performance JXH-4106 Module
Psychological skills training JXH-4103 Module
Psychology of Effective Coachi JXH-4023 Module
Psychology of Sport Perf JXH-2022 Module
Psychomotor Behaviour JXH-1027 Module
Rehab of Injured Athlete JXH-4011 Module
Research Expedition JXH-2030 Module
Research in Psychological Skil JXH-3033 Module
Research Methods JXH-2016 Module
Research Methods JXH-4208 Module
Research Methods JXH-4020 Module
Research Project JXF-2983 Module
Research Project JHB-4000 Module
Research Project JXH-3001 Module
Research Project JXH-4900 Module
Research Project JXH-4316 Module
Research Project Proposal JXH-4211 Module
Research Project Proposal JXH-4009 Module
Research Skills JXC-1001 Module
Research Skills JXH-1001 Module
Research Skills for Medics JXH-3058 Module
Seicoleg Chwaraeon Cymhwysol JXC-2036 Module
Sense of Place JXT-2003 Module
Sgiliau Academaidd JXC-1021 Module
Sgiliau Ymchwil Ymarferol JXC-1043 Module
Skill Acquisition JXH-3050 Module
Sport & Exercise Physio JXH-2024 Module
Sport Event Mgment JXF-2984 Module
Sport Nutrition JXF-2986 Module
Sport Nutrition JXH-2027 Module
Sport Psychology JXF-2985 Module
Sports Injury Rehabilitation JXH-4018 Module
Sports Sci career studies JXH-1018 Module
Straen a Pherfformiad JXC-3031 Module
Stress & Performance JXH-3031 Module
Supervised Experience JXH-4008 Module
Supervised Experience B JXH-0008 Module
Talent Development JXH-4213 Module
Teaching Gym & Athletics JXH-1025 Module
The Live Event JXT-3003 Module
The Modern Manager JXT-3001 Module
Traethawd JXC-4900 Module
Traethawd JXC-3054 Module
Traethawd JXC-3053 Module
Travel & Tourism Placement JXT-2008 Module
Understanding Personality JXH-4102 Module
Work Experience Year JXH-0002 Module
Work Placement (2 Weeks) JXH-0001 Module
Ymarfer Corff ar Dir 2 JXC-2029 Module
Ymarfer Corff ar Dir I JXC-1024 Module
Ymchwil mewn Sgiliau Seicolego JXC-3033 Module
Ymddygiad Seicomodurol JXC-1027 Module

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