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Name Code Type
Adc Topics in Neuroimaging PPP-4011 Module
Adv Beh Res Methods & Proposal PLP-4026 Module
Adv Beh Research Methods PLP-4005 Module
Adv. Neuroimaging Analysis PPP-4024 Module
Adv. Neuroimaging Concepts PPP-4023 Module
Advanced Research Methods PRP-4014 Module
Applied Behaviour Analysis PLP-3001 Module
Applied Consumer Psych PRP-4009 Module
Applied Neurosci: Case Studies PPP-4025 Module
Applied Psych in Context PPP-4007 Module
Applied Psychology PPP-1010 Module
Approaches & Therapies 2 PPC-4008 Module
Approaches and Therapies 1 PPC-4004 Module
Aspects of Clinical Psychology PPP-2016 Module
Aspects of Clinical Psychology PPP-3016 Module
Assessed Teaching Prac PMP-4011 Module
BACB-ABA- Bridging Module II PLP-4031 Module
Beh Analysis AcrossTheLifespan PLP-4025 Module
Beh Analysis Practicum PLP-4029 Module
Beh Analysis Practicum II PLP-4030 Module
Behaviour Change Procedures PLP-4003 Module
Behavioural Neurology PPP-4009 Module
Behavioural Psychology PPP-2015 Module
Bilingualism: Lang, Cog & Lit PLP-3007 Module
Bilingualism: Res & Methods PPP-4008 Module
Bio Bases of Neuro Disorders PPP-4004 Module
Bio. Foundations of Memory PCP-3007 Module
Biological Psychology PPP-2013 Module
Born to Run: Achieve your Goal PPP-3004 Module
Brain & Mind PPP-1005 Module
Brain and Language PLP-3002 Module
Brain Develop & Degeneration PPP-3003 Module
Bridging Module in ABA PLP-4033 Module
Buddhist Background PMP-4008 Module
CBT - Adults+ Basic ' Specific PHP-4301 Module
Children, Families & Society PPP-3005 Module
Clin&Applied Neurosci:Theory PPP-4026 Module
Clinical & Cog Neuro of Vision PNP-3001 Module
Clinical Applications of DBT PHP-4201 Module
Clinical Neuropsychology I PPP-4010 Module
Clinical Neuropsychology II PPP-4003 Module
Clinical Psychology D_CLIN_PSY Course
Cognitive Neuroscience PCP-3004 Module
Cognitive Psychology PPP-2012 Module
Comm Research in Psych PRP-4010 Module
Concepts in Psychology PPP-2017 Module
Consumer & Applied Psychology PCP-3005 Module
Consumer Psychology: Theory PCP-4004 Module
Control of Mental Processes PCP-3009 Module
Counselling Skills PHP-3008 Module
Counselling Skills 1 PPC-4003 Module
Counselling Skills 2 PPC-4007 Module
Developmental Psychology PPP-2011 Module
Disorders of Literacy PLP-3005 Module
Disorders of Soc Cognition PSP-3006 Module
Dissertation MSci PRP-4018 Module
Dulliau Ymchwil I PCC-1002 Module
Dulliau Ymchwil II PCC-1004 Module
Dulliau Ymchwil III PCC-2001 Module
Dulliau Ymchwil IV PCC-2002 Module
Dwyieithrwydd: Iaith&Gwybyddia PCC-3007 Module
Educational Neuroscience PPP-4027 Module
Emotion and Motivation PNP-3002 Module
Ethics & Prof Conduct PLP-4009 Module
Ethics & Professional Conduct PLP-4023 Module
Evidence-based Ed. Methods PLP-3003 Module
Evolution & Human Soc Beh PSP-3002 Module
Faith and Culture PPP-1008 Module
Forensic Psychology PSP-3001 Module
Fundamentals of Psychology 1 YPE-1300 Module
Fundamentals of Psychology 2 YPE-1301 Module
Global Early Childhood PPP-4020 Module
Intelligence PDP-3003 Module
International Experience PPP-0001 Module
Intro Neuroimaging Analysis PPP-4021 Module
Intro to EEG/ERP PPP-4002 Module
Intro to MBA PMP-3001 Module
Intro to Neuroimaging PPP-4001 Module
Introduction to CBT in CAMHS PHP-3301 Module
Introduction to Neuroimaging PPP-4022 Module
Lang & Beh Change PLP-4008 Module
Learning to be Happy PPP-1007 Module
MA Dissertation PRP-4020 Module
MA Thesis PMP-4012 Module
Mental Health & Wellbeing PPC-4006 Module
Methods in Cog & Brain Res PPP-4005 Module
Mind.TeachersProf.Pathway MTPP PMP-4016 Module
Mindfulness & Indiv Therapies PMP-4009 Module
Mindfulness & the Brain PMP-4014 Module
Mindfulness - Foundation PMP-4001 Module
Mindfulness for Pain & Illness PMP-4017 Module
Mindfulness Teaching Project PMP-4018 Module
Mindfulness-Teaching 1 PMP-4002 Module
MSc Mindfulness Thesis PMP-4006 Module
MSc Thesis (Mindfulness-Based) PMP-4013 Module
Neuroaesthetics PPP-3009 Module
Niwroestheteg: PCC-3009 Module
Nudges & Behaviour Change PCP-4007 Module
Nudges and Behaviour Change PPP-4017 Module
Organisational Psychology PSP-3003 Module
P of Learning & Beh Change I PLP-4021 Module
P of Learning & Beh Change II PLP-4022 Module
Perceiving & Acting in 3-D PCP-3006 Module
Person Centred Beh Procedures PLP-4004 Module
Personality & Indiv Diffs PPP-2014 Module
Personality & Indiv Diffs-Cym PCC-2014 Module
Plant Teuluoedd A'r Gymdeithas PCC-3008 Module
Positive Behavioural Support I PLP-4024 Module
Practical Programming PPP-4012 Module
Project (Psych w CLD) PDP-3000 Module
Project (Psych w CLH Psych) PHP-3000 Module
Project (Psych w Neuropsych) PNP-3000 Module
Project (Single Honours Psych) PPP-3001 Module
Proposal I PRP-4001 Module
Prosiect PCC-3001 Module
Prosiect (w CLD) PCC-3002 Module
Prosiect (w CLH) PCC-3000 Module
Prosiect (w Neuro) PCC-3003 Module
Psyc of Addictive Behaviours PHP-3002 Module
Psychoacoustics & Aud Neuro PCP-3008 Module
Psychology as a Science PPP-1001 Module
Psychology Disciplinary Elop* PPP-4019 Module
Psychology Health & Soc Contro YPE-2322 Module
Psychology Health &Social Con YPE-3322 Module
Research PMP-4004 Module
Research and Practice PPC-4009 Module
Research Dissertation PRP-4025 Module
Research Dissertation PPC-4010 Module
Research Dissertation PRP-4002 Module
Research Methods & Statistics PPC-4005 Module
Research Methods I PRP-1001 Module
Research Methods II PRP-1002 Module
Research Methods III PRP-2001 Module
Research Methods IV PRP-2002 Module
Research Methods Skills PRP-4015 Module
Research Project PHB-4000 Module
Research Rotation PRP-4013 Module
Research Skills PPC-4001 Module
Scientific Writing & Comm I PPP-1003 Module
Scientific Writing & Comm II PPP-1006 Module
Social Psychology PPP-2010 Module
Stress & Distress PPP-1002 Module
Stress Anxiety, and Health PPP-3002 Module
Teaching 2 PMP-4003 Module
Teaching Psych in HE P1 PPT-4001 Module
Teaching Psych in HE P2 PPT-4002 Module
Teaching Psych in HE Portfolio PPT-4003 Module
The Psychology of Language PPP-4018 Module
The Social Brain PSP-3004 Module
Theoretical Models in Clin Psy PPP-4013 Module
Theories and Principles of DBT PHP-4200 Module
Therapeutic Process & Context PPC-4002 Module
Thesis - MA PMP-4007 Module
Top in Child Health and Wellbe PPP-4014 Module
Topics in Illness & Disability PHP-3006 Module
Ysgrifennu Gwyddonol I PCC-1001 Module
Ysgrifennu Gwyddonol II PCC-1003 Module

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