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Name Code Type
Analogue Electronics IBC-2012 Module
Business Process Reengineering IBC-3064 Module
Circuit Design IBC-1005 Module
Circuit Theory IBC-1007 Module
Communications Systems IBC-2008 Module
Computer Architecture IBC-1033 Module
Control Systems IBC-3006 Module
Digital Circuits & Design 1 IBC-1006 Module
Digital Circuits 2 IBC-2005 Module
Electromagnetics IBC-3008 Module
Electronics Laboratory Level 1 IBC-1051 Module
Electronics Laboratory Level 2 IBC-2051 Module
Eng Analysis: Linear Systems IBC-2004 Module
Engineering Team Project IBC-2053 Module
Imperative Programming in C IBC-1029 Module
Individual Project-Engineering IBC-3099 Module
Information & Coding - Comms IBC-3012 Module
Intro to Operating Systems IBC-2033 Module
Mathematical Methods IBC-2003 Module
Mathematics 2 IBC-1002 Module
Mathematics 3 IBC-1003 Module
Microelectronics 1 IBC-1009 Module
Microelectronics 2 IBC-2009 Module
Microelectronics 3 IBC-3002 Module
Microwave System Design Tech IBC-3005 Module
Networks & Distributed Systems IBC-3029 Module
Optical Communication IBC-3014 Module
Optoelectronics IBC-2014 Module
Professional Perspectives IBC-1064 Module
Programming Fundamentals IBC-1022 Module
Project, Planning & Management IBC-2061 Module
Signal Processing IBC-3004 Module
VLSI Design Principles IBC-2006 Module

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