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Name Code Type
'Kaempfend gegen die Schweine' LXG-3018 Module
(Non)conformity in the GDR LXM-4007 Module
19thC British Writers in Italy QXE-3051 Module
3 Lang Project (2 maj/1 min) LZF-3031 Module
3 Lang Project (2 maj/1 min) LZS-3031 Module
3 Lang Project (2 maj/1 min) LZG-3031 Module
3 Lang Project (2 maj/1 min) LZI-3031 Module
3 Lang Project (2 maj/1 minor) LZC-3031 Module
3 Lang Project (3 major) LZF-2032 Module
3 Lang Project (3 major) LZI-2032 Module
3 Lang Project (3 major) LZS-2032 Module
3 Lang Project (3 major) LZG-2032 Module
Academic Speaking & Writing 1 QXS-2005 Module
Academic Speaking & Writing 2 QXS-2006 Module
Academic Writing & Grammar QXS-9002 Module
Academic Writing & Grammar QXS-4002 Module
Academic Writing and Grammar 2 QXS-9004 Module
Academic Writing and Grammar 2 QXS-4004 Module
Ad. Vocabulary Use & Reading QXS-9003 Module
Ad. Vocabulary Use & Reading QXS-4003 Module
Adaptations in European Cinema LXI-3011 Module
Advance Chinese Lang Skills LZC-3040 Module
Advanced Chinese LXN-2431 Module
Advanced Chinese LXN-3431 Module
Advanced Chinese LXN-1431 Module
Advanced Chinese Lang Skills LZC-3030 Module
Advanced Chinese Plus LXN-3432 Module
Advanced Chinese Plus LXN-1432 Module
Advanced Chinese Plus LXN-2432 Module
Advanced French LXN-2023 Module
Advanced French LXN-1023 Module
Advanced French 1 LZF-1001 Module
Advanced French 2 LZF-1002 Module
Advanced French Plus LXN-1024 Module
Advanced French Plus LXN-2024 Module
Advanced German LXN-1061 Module
Advanced German LXN-2061 Module
Advanced German 1 LZG-1001 Module
Advanced German 2 LZG-1002 Module
Advanced German Plus LXN-1062 Module
Advanced German Plus LXN-2062 Module
Advanced Italian LXN-1075 Module
Advanced Italian 1 LZI-1001 Module
Advanced Italian 2 LZI-1002 Module
Advanced Phonetics QXL-3325 Module
Advanced Spanish LXN-2041 Module
Advanced Spanish LXN-1041 Module
Advanced Spanish 1 LZS-1001 Module
Advanced Spanish 2 LZS-1002 Module
Advanced Spanish Plus LXN-2042 Module
Advanced Spanish Plus LXN-1042 Module
Agweddau ar Ddwyieithrwydd QCL-4470 Module
Agweddau ar Ddwyieithrwydd QCL-3370 Module
Alfred Hitchcock QXE-2024 Module
Almaeneg i Ddecheuwyr I LCG-1003 Module
Almaeneg i Ddechreuwyr II LCG-1004 Module
Almaeneg Rhagarweiniol. LWC-1501 Module
Amrywiaeth yn y Gymraeg QCL-2271 Module
Analysing Discourse QXL-2251 Module
Approaches to Literature A QXE-1010 Module
Approaches to Literature B QXE-1011 Module
Approaching Translation LXE-3101 Module
Arthur: legend and super hero QXE-3034 Module
Astudio'r Cyfryngau LCE-3200 Module
Astudio'r Cyfryngau (S1) LCE-3210 Module
Bande Dessinee & Adaptation LXF-3112 Module
Barcelona: a Cultural History LXS-2035 Module
BD Portffolio Profiad Gwaith LCF-9000 Module
BD Portffolio profiad gwaith LCF-9001 Module
Beginners Chinese Plus LXN-2402 Module
Beginners French Semester 2 LXN-3434 Module
Beginners Japanese Plus LXN-1502 Module
Beginners Spanish Plus Sem 2 LXN-3435 Module
Beginners Spanish Semester 2 LXN-3433 Module
Beginners' Chinese LXN-2401 Module
Beginners' Chinese LXN-1401 Module
Beginners' Chinese Plus LXN-1402 Module
Beginners' French LXN-1021 Module
Beginners' French LXN-2021 Module
Beginners' French Plus LXN-1022 Module
Beginners' French Plus LXN-2022 Module
Beginners' German LXN-1001 Module
Beginners' German LXN-2001 Module
Beginners' German Plus LXN-1002 Module
Beginners' German Plus LXN-2002 Module
Beginners' Italian LXN-1071 Module
Beginners' Italian LXN-2071 Module
Beginners' Italian Plus LXN-1072 Module
Beginners' Italian Plus LXN-2072 Module
Beginners' Japanese LXN-1501 Module
Beginners' Japanese LXN-2501 Module
Beginners' Japanese Plus LXN-2502 Module
Beginners' Spanish LXN-1012 Module
Beginners' Spanish LXN-2014 Module
Beginners' Spanish LXN-2012 Module
Beginners' Spanish Plus LXN-1013 Module
Beginners' Spanish Plus LXN-2013 Module
Beowulf to Malory QXE-2101 Module
Bilingual & Acquisition Issues QXL-4435 Module
Bilingual & Acquisition Issues QXL-3335 Module
Bob Dylan QXE-3088 Module
Business English 1 QXS-2003 Module
Business English 2 QXS-2004 Module
C/Writing: Poetry & Short Fict QXP-2001 Module
Chaucer: Comedy, Calamity and QXE-3080 Module
Children's Fiction QXE-1016 Module
Children's Fiction (Creative) QXP-1016 Module
Children's Fiction (Int) QXZ-1016 Module
Chinese for Beginners 1 LZC-1003 Module
Chinese for Beginners 2 LZC-1004 Module
Chinese Language Skills LZC-2040 Module
Chinese Translation 1 LXC-3041 Module
Chinese Translation 2 LXC-3042 Module
Cognitive Discourse Analysis QXL-3376 Module
Cognitive Discourse Analysis QXL-4476 Module
Cognitive Semantics QXL-3378 Module
Cognitive Semantics QXL-4478 Module
Communication in Science 1 QXS-4300 Module
Communication in Science 2 QXS-4400 Module
Contemp. Europe + its History LXE-1400 Module
Contemporary Chinese Studies LXC-2200 Module
Contemporary Writing (CW) QXP-2019 Module
Contemporary Writing (Lit) QXE-2019 Module
Creat National Histories (Int) LXZ-1700 Module
Creating National Histories LXE-1700 Module
Creative Non-Fiction QXP-2009 Module
Creative Writing - PG disserta QXE-4091 Module
Creative Writing Adv Portf. S2 QXP-4040 Module
Creative Writing Dissertation QXP-3099 Module
Creative Writing Prose QXE-4018 Module
Creative Writing: Poetry QXE-4019 Module
Creative Writing: Poetry QXP-1003 Module
Creative Writing: Prose QXP-1001 Module
Creative Writing: The Novel QXP-2004 Module
Creu Disgyblaeth LCM-4021 Module
Creu Portffolio Cyfieithu LCM-4024 Module
Critical Theory in Practice LXM-4031 Module
Culture and the Body QXE-3112 Module
Culture and the Body LXE-3102 Module
Cyfieithu ar waith LCM-4023 Module
Detective Fiction QXE-3012 Module
Dickens and Print Culture QXE-3082 Module
Discovering Cities QXP-3011 Module
Discovering Cities LXE-2011 Module
Disgrifio Iaith QCL-1018 Module
Disgrifio'r Gymraeg QCL-1145 Module
Dissertation QXL-3341 Module
Dissertation (ELC) LXM-4018 Module
Dissertation (TS) LXM-4025 Module
Dutch I LXG-2009 Module
Dutch II LXG-2011 Module
Early Medieval Literature QXE-2016 Module
Early Modern Drama: Body Pol. QXE-3058 Module
Early Twentieth Century Literature QXE-2006 Module
East Germany and its Legacy LXG-3016 Module
EFL Theory QXL-3313 Module
EFL Theory QXL-4413 Module
EM Lit: Sex, Sects and Scandal QXE-3107 Module
English for Bio-Sciences QXS-4001 Module
English Teaching in Classroom QXL-2253 Module
European Ideas and Ideologies LXE-1500 Module
Experimental Writing QXE-3093 Module
Experimental Writing QXP-3093 Module
Exploring America: An Introduc QXE-1006 Module
Fantastic Fictions QXP-3025 Module
Ffrangeg i Ddechreuwyr I LCF-1003 Module
Ffrangeg i Ddechreuwyr II LCF-1004 Module
Ffrangeg Rhagarweiniol LWC-1301 Module
Ffrangeg Uwch 1 LCF-1001 Module
Ffrangeg Uwch 2 LCF-1002 Module
First Language Acquisition QXL-4417 Module
First Language Acquisition QXL-3317 Module
Forensic Linguistics in Court QXL-3026 Module
Foundations of Linguistics QXL-4411 Module
Foundations of Linguistics 2 QXL-4431 Module
France and the Mediterranean LXF-3014 Module
French Cinema 1895-1950 LXF-2104 Module
French Cinema since 1960 LXF-3106 Module
French Dissertation (JH Eng) LXF-3113 Module
French Dissertation (JH Welsh) LCF-3113 Module
French Dissertation (SH Eng) LXF-3121 Module
French Dissertation (SH Welsh) LCF-3121 Module
French Film & Comic Adaptation LXM-4035 Module
French for Beginners I LZF-1003 Module
French for Beginners II LZF-1004 Module
French Lang. Skills (3 Major) LZF-3040 Module
French Lang. Skills (3 Major) LZF-2020 Module
French Language Skills LZF-2040 Module
French Language Skills LZF-3030 Module
French Language Skills (Minor) LZF-3020 Module
French Travel LXF-3111 Module
Functions of Discourse QXL-2250 Module
Galician I LXS-2028 Module
Galician II LXS-2029 Module
Gegenwartssprache I LCG-2040 Module
Gegenwartssprache I LZG-2040 Module
Gegenwartssprache I (3 iaith) LCG-2020 Module
Gegenwartssprache I (3 Major) LZG-2020 Module
Gegenwartssprache II LCG-3030 Module
Gegenwartssprache II LZG-3030 Module
Gegenwartssprache II (3 iaith) LCG-3040 Module
Gegenwartssprache II (3 Major) LZG-3040 Module
Gegenwartssprache II (Is.Bwnc) LCG-3020 Module
Gegenwartssprache II (Minor) LZG-3020 Module
Gegenwartssprache II - Erasmus LXG-3034 Module
Gegenwartssprache II- Erasmus LXG-3035 Module
Gender & Devotion in EM Lit. QXE-4029 Module
German Avant-Garde 20/21st C LXM-4037 Module
German Dissertation (JH Eng) LXG-3113 Module
German Dissertation (SH Eng) LXG-3121 Module
German for Beginners I LZG-1003 Module
German for Beginners II LZG-1004 Module
Grammar and Writing 1 QXS-1004 Module
Grammar and Writing 2 QXS-1005 Module
Hanes a Diwylliant Ewrop LCE-1600 Module
Heimat: What is Germany? LXG-3015 Module
Historical Linguistics QXL-3375 Module
Historical Linguistics QXL-4475 Module
History of English QXL-2222 Module
History of Galicia LXS-2024 Module
Iaith a Chymdeithas QCB-1113 Module
Iaith Sbaeneg 1 LCS-2040 Module
Iaith Sbaeneg 1 (3 Iaith) LCS-2020 Module
Iaith Sbaeneg 2 LCS-3030 Module
Iaith Sbaeneg 2 (3 Iaith) LCS-3040 Module
Iaith Sbaeneg 2 (Is Bwnc) LCS-3020 Module
Iberian Identities on Screen LXS-3041 Module
Ieithyddiaeth Gymraeg QCL-2245 Module
Int Spanish Plus Sem 2 LXN-3436 Module
Integrated English Skills 1 QXS-2001 Module
Integrated English Skills 2 QXS-2002 Module
Intermediate Chinese LXN-2421 Module
Intermediate Chinese LXN-1421 Module
Intermediate Chinese Plus LXN-1422 Module
Intermediate Chinese Plus LXN-2422 Module
Intermediate French LXN-1051 Module
Intermediate French LXN-2051 Module
Intermediate French Plus LXN-1052 Module
Intermediate French Plus LXN-2052 Module
Intermediate German LXN-1031 Module
Intermediate German LXN-2031 Module
Intermediate German Plus LXN-1032 Module
Intermediate German Plus LXN-2032 Module
Intermediate Italian LXN-1073 Module
Intermediate Italian LXN-2073 Module
Intermediate Italian Plus LXN-1074 Module
Intermediate Italian Plus LXN-2074 Module
Intermediate Japanese LXN-1521 Module
Intermediate Japanese Plus LXN-1522 Module
Intermediate Japanese Plus Yr2 LXN-2522 Module
Intermediate Japanese Yr2 LXN-2521 Module
Intermediate Spanish LXN-2043 Module
Intermediate Spanish LXN-1043 Module
Intermediate Spanish Plus LXN-2044 Module
Intermediate Spanish Plus LXN-1044 Module
Internat. experience placement LXE-9001 Module
International Exp 15crs PostL6 LXE-9004 Module
International Exp 15crs pre L6 LXE-9002 Module
International Exp 30crs postL6 LXE-9005 Module
International Exp 30crs pre L6 LXE-9003 Module
International Experience QXL-9230 Module
International Experience QXL-9215 Module
International Experience QXL-9330 Module
International Experience QXL-9315 Module
International Experience Place QXE-9000 Module
International Placement Module QXL-9000 Module
Intro to English Grammar QXL-1020 Module
Intro to English Grammar (int) QXZ-1020 Module
Intro to European Cinema LXE-1200 Module
Intro to Language (Int) QXZ-1110 Module
Intro to Meaning (Int) QXZ-1116 Module
Intro to Morphology & Syntax QXL-1117 Module
Intro to Phonetics & Phonology QXL-1115 Module
Intro. Mandarin Chinese LWB-1201 Module
Intro. to Chinese Studies LXC-1100 Module
Intro. to Medieval Literature QXE-1003 Module
Introduction to Bilingualism QXL-2235 Module
Introduction to Language QXL-1110 Module
Introduction to Meaning QXL-1116 Module
Introductory Arabic LWB-1601 Module
Introductory French LWB-1301 Module
Introductory French Plus LWB-1302 Module
Introductory German LWB-1501 Module
Introductory German Plus LWB-1502 Module
Introductory Japanese LWB-1101 Module
Introductory Mandarin Plus LWB-1202 Module
Introductory Spanish LWB-1401 Module
Introductory Spanish Plus LWB-1402 Module
Irish Literatures QXE-4048 Module
Issues in Forensic Linguistics QXL-4446 Module
Issues in Forensic Linguistics QXL-3346 Module
Italian (Erasmus) LXI-3071 Module
Italian (Erasmus) LXI-3072 Module
Italian for Beginners I LZI-1003 Module
Italian for Beginners II LZI-1004 Module
Italian Language 1 LZI-2040 Module
Italian Language 1 (3 Major) LZI-2020 Module
Italian Language 2 LZI-3030 Module
Italian Language 2 (3 Major) LZI-3040 Module
Italian Language 2 (Minor) LZI-3020 Module
Italian mafias LXI-3022 Module
Japaneeg Rhagarweiniol LWC-1101 Module
Joint Hon Italian Dissertation LZI-3110 Module
Joint Hon Spanish Dissertation LZS-3110 Module
Joint Hon. French Dissertation LZF-3110 Module
Joint Hon. German Dissertation LZG-3110 Module
Joint Hons Diss (English) LXE-3400 Module
Joint Hons Diss (Target Lang) LXE-3444 Module
Jonson to Johnson QXE-2003 Module
L1 & L2 Sentence Processing QXL-4408 Module
L1 & L2 Sentence Processing QXL-3308 Module
L2 speech learning QXL-3318 Module
L2 speech learning QXL-4418 Module
Landmarks in Literature QXE-1015 Module
Landmarks in Literature (Int) QXZ-1015 Module
Language & Mind QXL-1105 Module
Language & Society (Int) QXZ-1113 Module
Language and Communication QXL-4443 Module
Language and Communication QXL-3343 Module
Language and Identity LXE-3100 Module
Language and Society QXL-1113 Module
Language Change QXL-3347 Module
Language Change QXL-4447 Module
Language Contact & Bilinguals QXL-3304 Module
Language Contact & Bilinguals QXL-4404 Module
Language Disorders &Bilinguals QXL-3316 Module
Language Disorders &Bilinguals QXL-4416 Module
Language, Lit. & Culture (Int) QXZ-1112 Module
Language, Literature & Culture QXL-1112 Module
Language, Space & Time QXL-4461 Module
Language: A Cognitive Approach QXL-4450 Module
Language: A Cognitive Approach QXL-3350 Module
Late Medieval and Tudor Litera QXE-2017 Module
Linguistics Research Methods QXL-4432 Module
Literary Theory & Research QXE-4015 Module
Literature 1580-1750 QXE-2018 Module
Literature and Modernity QXE-2027 Module
Literature in the Community QXE-3028 Module
Literature in the Community QXE-2028 Module
Lleoliad Tramor 1 flwyddyn LCE-9007 Module
Lleoliad Tramor Semester LCE-9006 Module
M.Arts Dissertation QXE-4094 Module
MA Bilingualism Dissertation QXL-4467 Module
MA Cognitive Ling Dissertation QXL-4464 Module
MA Lits. of Wales Dissertation QBE-4200 Module
MA Open Essay 1 QXE-4011 Module
MA Open Essay 2 QXE-4012 Module
MA/MSc Dissertation QXL-4400 Module
Making of the Italian Nation LXI-2010 Module
Mandarin Rhagarweiniol LWC-1201 Module
Manuscript and Printed Books QXE-4025 Module
MArts Dissertation QXL-4479 Module
Material Texts & Contexts QXE-4041 Module
Material Texts & Editing QXE-4050 Module
Meaning, Mind and Truth QXL-2202 Module
Medieval Arthur QXE-4030 Module
Medieval Women's Literature QXE-3096 Module
Memories of Violence in Italy LXM-4034 Module
Metaphor & Thought QXL-4457 Module
Metaphor and Thought QXL-3357 Module
Modern American Drama QXE-3015 Module
Modern Four Nations Literature QXE-3048 Module
Modes of Critical Theory LXM-4001 Module
Monsters of Spain LXM-4036 Module
Morphosyntax QXL-2204 Module
MRes Humanities: Dissertation LXM-4100 Module
MRes Humanities: Dissertation QXE-4092 Module
Multimodal Text Analysis QXL-3344 Module
Multimodal Text Analysis QXL-4444 Module
Myth and Early Modern Writer QXE-4028 Module
Near Native English 1 QXS-3001 Module
Near Native English 2 QXS-3002 Module
Neo-Victorian Fiction QXE-3110 Module
Oral Communication in Science QXS-4200 Module
Paradise Lost QXE-3060 Module
Paris LXF-2101 Module
Patagonia Gyfoes LCS-3302 Module
Performing Germany LXG-3036 Module
Phonology in Bilingual Acq. QXL-4436 Module
Phonology in Bilingual Acq. QXL-3336 Module
Placement Abroad 1 Semester LXE-9006 Module
Placement Abroad 1 Year LXE-9007 Module
Portffolio Ailsefyll Bl Dramor LCF-2015 Module
Portffolio Ailsefyll Bl Dramor LCS-2015 Module
Portffolio Ol-radd S1 LCM-4027 Module
Portffolio Ol-radd S2 LCM-4028 Module
Post-Medieval Arthur QXE-4031 Module
Postgraduate Portfolio S1 LXM-4027 Module
Postgraduate Portfolio S1 QXE-4033 Module
Postgraduate Portfolio S2 LXM-4028 Module
Postgraduate Portfolio S2 QXE-4034 Module
Press Dossier (10) LXE-3210 Module
Press Dossier (20) LXE-3200 Module
Project 3 Ffrangeg (2bb/1ib) LCF-3031 Module
Project 3 Almaneg (2bb/1ib) LCG-3031 Module
Project 3 Iaith Almaeneg (3pb) LCG-2032 Module
Project 3 Iaith Ffrangeg (pb3) LCF-2032 Module
Project 3 Iaith Sbaeneg (pb) LCS-2032 Module
Project 3 Sbaeneg (2bb/1ib) LCS-3031 Module
Psycholinguistics QXL-4449 Module
Psycholinguistics QXL-3349 Module
Race and Immigration in France LXF-2105 Module
Reading Contemporary Galician LXS-3018 Module
Reading Fantastic Literatures LXE-2025 Module
Reading France LXF-2113 Module
Reading Myth QXE-3105 Module
Reading Rosalia de Castro LXS-2036 Module
Reading the Renaissance QXE-1008 Module
Reading, Thinking, Writing QXE-1013 Module
Reading/Thinking/Writing (Int) QXZ-1013 Module
Realms of Magic QXE-3094 Module
Recent Prize Winning Literatur QXE-3084 Module
Renaissance and Reformation QXE-2013 Module
Research Methods LXM-4002 Module
Revolution/Modernity 1790-1930 QXE-4042 Module
Sbaeneg i Ddechreuwyr 1 LCS-1003 Module
Sbaeneg i Ddechreuwyr 2 LCS-1004 Module
Sbaeneg Rhagarweiniol. LWC-1401 Module
Sbaeneg Rhagaweiniol Plws LWC-1402 Module
Sbaeneg Uwch 1 LCS-1001 Module
Sbaeneg Uwch 2 LCS-1002 Module
Sgil. Iaith Ffrang (Is. Bwnc) LCF-3020 Module
Sgiliau Cyfathrebu Almaeneg LCG-1002 Module
Sgiliau Iaith Almaeneg LCG-1001 Module
Sgiliau Iaith Ffrang. -3 Iaith LCF-3040 Module
Sgiliau Iaith Ffrangeg LCF-3030 Module
Sgiliau Iaith Ffrangeg LCF-2040 Module
Sgiliau Iaith Ffrangeg-3 Iaith LCF-2020 Module
SH Spanish Dissertation LZS-3120 Module
Shakespeare & Early Modern Dra QXE-2011 Module
Shakespeare and EM Literature QXE-3022 Module
Shakespeare's Afterlives QXE-3086 Module
Single Hon French Dissertation LZF-3120 Module
Single Hon German Dissertation LZG-3120 Module
Single Hons Diss (Target Lang) LXE-3333 Module
Single Hons Dissertation (Eng) LXE-3000 Module
Sites of Memory in E. Germany LXM-4026 Module
SLA and Language Teaching QXL-4420 Module
SLA and Language Teaching QXL-3320 Module
Sounds and Sound Systems QXL-2201 Module
Spain through its Writers LXS-3034 Module
Spanish (Erasmus) LXS-2026 Module
Spanish Begin./Intermed. 1 LZS-1003 Module
Spanish Begin./Intermed. 2 LZS-1004 Module
Spanish Dissertation (JH Eng) LXS-3113 Module
Spanish Dissertation (SH Eng) LXS-3121 Module
Spanish Language (Erasmus) LXS-3038 Module
Spanish Language 1 LZS-2040 Module
Spanish Language 1 (3 Major) LZS-2020 Module
Spanish Language 2 LZS-3030 Module
Spanish Language 2 (3 Major) LZS-3040 Module
Spanish Language 2 (Minor) LZS-3020 Module
Spanish Transl (Erasmus) LXS-3037 Module
Speaking & Listening QXS-9100 Module
Speaking & Listening QXS-4100 Module
Speaking and listening QXS-1003 Module
Spoken Spanish (Erasmus) LXS-3039 Module
Teaching as a Lang. Asst. S1 LXE-2105 Module
Teaching as a Lang. Asst. S1-2 LXE-2106 Module
Teaching as a Lang. Asst. S2 LXE-2107 Module
Teaching as Lang. Asst. S1 Vol LXE-2108 Module
Teaching as Lang. Asst. S2 Vol LXE-2110 Module
Teaching EFL QXL-3329 Module
Teaching EFL QXL-4429 Module
Teaching Lang Assist Vol S1/2 LXE-2109 Module
The 1820s: Print Explosion QXE-3102 Module
The Cinema of Spain LXS-2033 Module
The Divided Germany LXG-2013 Module
The English Dissertation QXE-3099 Module
The Everyday in French Culture LXM-4022 Module
The French Novel LXF-2103 Module
The German Film LXG-2008 Module
The German Language and Power LXG-3017 Module
The Gothic in Literature/Film QXE-1014 Module
The Literature of Laughter QXE-1004 Module
The Making of a Discipline LXM-4021 Module
The Making of Modern Austria LXG-3009 Module
The Monstrous Middle Ages QXE-3113 Module
The Other Italies LXI-3023 Module
The Postgraduate Dissertation QXE-4090 Module
The Romantic Period in Britain QXE-2020 Module
Traethawd hir LCM-4025 Module
Traethawd hir Almaeneg (AS) LCG-3120 Module
Traethawd hir Almaeneg (CA) LCG-3110 Module
Traethawd Hir Anrh Sengl (Cym) LCE-3000 Module
Traethawd Hir Cyd-A (Cym) LCE-3400 Module
Traethawd Hir Dissertation YSC-4211 Module
Traethawd hir Ffrangeg (AS) LCF-3120 Module
Traethawd hir Ffrangeg (CA) LCF-3110 Module
Traethawd Hir MA/MSc QCL-4400 Module
Traethawd Hir MArts QCL-4479 Module
Traethawd hir Sbaeneg - AS LCS-3120 Module
Traethawd Hir/Dissertation QCB-3341 Module
Transcreative Writing QXP-4036 Module
Transformative Writing QXP-2005 Module
Translation Erasmus French A LXF-3009 Module
Translation Erasmus French B LXF-3011 Module
Translation Erasmus French B LXF-3010 Module
Translation in Practice LXM-4023 Module
Transnational Cultures LXE-1600 Module
Transnational Cultures (Int) LXZ-1600 Module
Travellers' Tales QXE-1005 Module
Trin a Thrafod Cyfieithu LCE-3101 Module
Using Corpora: Theory&Practice QXL-3377 Module
Using Corpora: Theory&Practice QXL-4477 Module
Victorian Literature QXE-2005 Module
Victorian Networks QXE-3109 Module
Visions of the City in Fr. cin LXM-4011 Module
Vocabulary QXS-1002 Module
Wales: A European Contact Zone LXE-3103 Module
Welsh Linguistics QXL-3372 Module
Welsh Linguistics QXL-4472 Module
Welsh Literature in English QXE-4044 Module
Welsh Writing in English QXE-3031 Module
Women in Germany LXG-3013 Module
Words and Selves QXP-2006 Module
Working Class Fictions QXP-3009 Module
Working on a Transl. Portfolio LXM-4024 Module
Working w. European Literature LXE-1300 Module
Y Gymraeg a Chymdeithas QCL-1017 Module
YA Teaching Portfolio LZF-9002 Module
YA Teaching Portfolio LZG-9002 Module
YA Teaching Portfolio LZS-9002 Module
YA Teaching Portfolio LZI-9002 Module
YA Work Placement Portfolio LZF-9001 Module
YA Work Placement Portfolio LZF-9000 Module
YA Work Placement Portfolio LZS-9000 Module
YA Work Placement Portfolio LZI-9000 Module
YA Work Placement Portfolio LZS-9001 Module
YA Work Placement Portfolio LZG-9000 Module
Year Abroad Re-sit Portfolio LZG-2015 Module
Year Abroad Re-sit Portfolio LZS-2015 Module
Year Abroad Re-sit Portfolio LZF-2015 Module
Year Abroadf Re-sit Portfolio LZI-2015 Module
Ymerodraethau Prydain+Ffrainc LCF-3301 Module

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