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Adv Comp Aided Manufacture ICL-2020 Module
Adv Comp Aided Manufacture ICL-2602 Module
Advanced Control Systems ICE-4312 Module
Advanced Data Management ICE-3601 Module
Advanced Game Development ICE-3702 Module
Advanced Machine Learning ICE-4701 Module
Advanced Machine Learning ICE-3703 Module
Advanced Optical Communication ICE-4415 Module
Advanced Programming ICL-3001 Module
Advanced Sensor Systems ICE-4301 Module
AI & Game Design ICE-4732 Module
AI & Game Design ICE-2701 Module
Analog Circuit Design & Comms ICE-2321 Module
Application Development ICE-2102 Module
Application Development ETC-2102 Module
Application Development ETC-2052 Module
Applied AI (Langage Tech) ICE-4722 Module
Applied Data Science ft Python ICE-2702 Module
Applied Data Science w Python ETC-2702 Module
Applied Digital Graphics XUE-4031 Module
Apps Artifical Intelligence ETC-3025 Module
Apps of CNC Machines ICL-3014 Module
Arferion Profesiynol 1 XUC-1047 Module
Arferion Profesiynol 2 XUC-2047 Module
Arferion Profesiynol 3 XUC-3047 Module
Artefact and Report XUE-4012 Module
Automation & Robotics ICL-2603 Module
Automation & Robotics ICL-2016 Module
Broadband Comms Systems ICE-4411 Module
Business & Enterprise Prog ICE-2101 Module
Business & Enterprise Programm ICL-3102 Module
Business Process Reengin ETC-3064 Module
CAD Finite Element Analysis XUE-4022 Module
Circuit Design (inc. Digital L ICE-1302 Module
Civic Computing Intervention ICE-3009 Module
Computer & Network Security ICE-4421 Module
Computer & Network Security ICE-3401 Module
Computer & Network Security ETC-3011 Module
Computer Aided Design & Anal ICL-2017 Module
Computer Aided Design & Anal ICL-2604 Module
Computer Architecture & OS ICE-1501 Module
Computer Systems ICL-1002 Module
Computer Systems ICL-1302 Module
Computer Systems ICL-1102 Module
Computer Systems & Networks ICE-2401 Module
Computer Vision ICE-3111 Module
Computing Fundamentals ETC-1030 Module
Connecting Networks ICL-2013 Module
Control Systems ICE-3321 Module
Create/Manage Accessible Websi ICL-1003 Module
Create/Manage Accessible Websi ICL-1303 Module
Create/Manage Accessible Websi ICL-1103 Module
Creative Visualisation ICE-3121 Module
Cybersecurity & Future Technol ICL-2605 Module
Cybersecurity & Future Technol ICL-2301 Module
Cybersecurity & Future Technol ICL-2201 Module
Cyfl i Systemau Mewnblanedig ICC-1112 Module
DA a Dylunio Gemau ICC-2701 Module
Data Ethics ICL-2606 Module
Data Ethics ICL-2108 Module
Data Ethics ICL-2008 Module
Data Modelling ICL-1301 Module
Data Modelling ICL-1201 Module
Data Networks & Communications ICE-3411 Module
Data Networks and Comms ICE-4412 Module
Data Science Experiments ICE-4006 Module
Data Structure AlgorithmTheory ICE-4201 Module
Data Structures & Algorithms ICE-2201 Module
Data Structures & Algorithms ICL-2607 Module
Data Structures & Algorithms ICL-2009 Module
Data Structures & Algorithms ICL-2109 Module
Data Structures in Application ICE-3212 Module
Data Systems, Management & Eth ICE-2601 Module
Data Systems, Management & Eth ICL-2601 Module
Data Systems, Management & Eth ICL-2608 Module
Database Design and Management ICL-1004 Module
Database Design and Management ICL-1305 Module
Database Design and Management ICL-1104 Module
Database Systems HEF-1601 Module
Database Systems ICE-1601 Module
Database Systems ICE-4611 Module
Database Systems ETC-2221 Module
Database Systems ETC-1601 Module
Databases - Design & Implement ICP-2037 Module
Databases - Design & Implement ICP-3027 Module
Databases-Design & Implement ETC-3027 Module
Design and Manudacture 2 XUE-2043 Module
Design and Manufacture XUE-1044 Module
Design and Manufacture 3 XUE-2044 Module
Design and Manufacture 4 XUE-3045 Module
Design and Manufacture 5 XUE-3046 Module
Design Communication XUE-1043 Module
Design Project XUE-4004 Module
Design Think-Pro & Fac XUE-4001 Module
Design Thinking - Strategy XUE-4002 Module
Design,Art, Creativity & Story ICE-2902 Module
Designing Accessible Websites ICL-1306 Module
Designing Accessible Websites ICL-1005 Module
Designing Accessible Websites ICL-1105 Module
Designing Mobile Technology ICL-2101 Module
Developing Mobile Technology ICL-2610 Module
Developing Mobile Technology ICL-2001 Module
Digital Graphics (JS Canvas) ICL-1110 Module
Digital Graphics (JS Canvas) ICL-1010 Module
Digital Graphics (JS Canvas) ICL-1307 Module
Digital Graphics Fundamentals ICL-1001 Module
Dylunio a Chyfathrebu XUC-1043 Module
Dylunio a Gwneuthuriad 1 XUC-1044 Module
Dylunio a Gwneuthuriad 2 XUC-2043 Module
Dylunio a Gwneuthuriad 3 XUC-2044 Module
Dylunio a Gwneuthuriad 4 XUC-3045 Module
Dylunio a Gwneuthuriad 5 XUC-3046 Module
Dylunio Cylchedau ICC-1302 Module
Egwyddorion Trydan ac Electron ICC-1301 Module
Electrical & Electronic Princi ICL-1308 Module
Electrical & Electronic Princi ICE-1301 Module
Electrical & Electronic Princi ICL-1018 Module
Electrical Machines ICL-2331 Module
Electrical Machines ICE-2331 Module
Electrical Machines ICL-2611 Module
Electromagnetics ICE-3302 Module
Electronics Team Project ICE-2003 Module
Embedded Systems ICE-3311 Module
Embedded Systems ICE-4331 Module
Emerging Computing Technologie ICL-2004 Module
Emerging Technologies ICE-3511 Module
Employability Based Learning 1 ICL-1006 Module
Employability Based Learning 1 ICL-1106 Module
Employability Based Learning 2 ICL-2005 Module
Employability Based Learning 2 ICL-2105 Module
Engineering Design ICL-1310 Module
Engineering Design ICL-1014 Module
Engineering Maintenance (WB) ICL-2018 Module
Engineering Maintenance (WB) ICL-2613 Module
Engineering Man Techniques ICL-2614 Module
Engineering Man Techniques ICL-2015 Module
Engineering Materials ICL-1015 Module
Engineering Materials ICL-1311 Module
Engineering Mathematics ICE-1211 Module
Engineering Mathematics ICL-1312 Module
Engineering Mathematics ICL-1211 Module
Engineering Project (WB) ICL-3010 Module
Enterprise by Design ICE-2901 Module
Enterprise by Design ICE-3903 Module
Enterprise Design & Modelling ICE-4221 Module
Enterprise Networking & Securi ICL-2204 Module
Essential Computer Science ICE-0201 Module
Essential Mathematics ICE-0101 Module
Ethical Computing ICL-2003 Module
Ethics, Data & Security ICE-4601 Module
Foundation Engineering Maths ICE-1212 Module
Foundation Year Project ICE-0202 Module
Further Mathematics ICE-0102 Module
Game Design 1 ICE-1801 Module
Game Design: Level & Mechanics ICE-2703 Module
Game Development ICE-2704 Module
Game Engines & Graphics ICE-4731 Module
Game Production UXS-3801 Module
Game Studies ICE-1800 Module
H & S in Engineering (WB) ICL-1313 Module
H & S in Engineering (WB) ICL-1016 Module
High Performance Computing ICE-4131 Module
Imperative Programming ETC-1111 Module
Imperative Programming Foundat ICE-1111 Module
Individual Project ICE-3001 Module
Individual Project - Computing ETC-3099 Module
Industrial Engineering ICL-3013 Module
Industrial Projects ICE-2002 Module
Industrial Projects ETC-2002 Module
Industry Placement Year ICE-3902 Module
Information Systems ETC-1043 Module
Information Visualisation ICE-3122 Module
Information Visualisation ICE-4121 Module
International Experience ICE-3905 Module
International Experience ICE-3904 Module
International Experience ICP-3200 Module
International Experience IED-3200 Module
Internet of Things ICE-3501 Module
Internet Tech for E Commerce ETC-3123 Module
Intro to Data Analytics ICL-2010 Module
Intro to Data Analytics ICL-2616 Module
Intro to Data Analytics ICL-2110 Module
Intro to Embedded Systems ICE-1112 Module
Intro to Mach Learning & Analy ICE-4211 Module
Introduction to Middleware ICL-2617 Module
Introduction to Middleware ICL-2302 Module
Introduction to Middleware ICL-2202 Module
Introduction to Networks ICL-1314 Module
Introduction to Networks ICL-1011 Module
Introduction to Programming ICL-1107 Module
Introduction to Programming ICL-1007 Module
Introduction to Programming ICL-1315 Module
Introduction to Programming ICE-4101 Module
Java Programming Lab ETC-1024 Module
Knowledge Man & Info Retrieval ETC-2225 Module
Laser Fabrication ICE-4322 Module
Local Area Network Essentials ICL-1012 Module
Local Area Network Essentials ICL-1319 Module
Machine Learning ICE-3701 Module
Machine Learning ICE-4702 Module
Math Methods & Linear Syst ICL-2618 Module
Math Methods & Linear Syst ICL-2211 Module
Math Methods & Linear Syst ICE-2211 Module
Mathematics for Computing ICE-1221 Module
Mathematics for Computing ICL-1316 Module
Mathematics for Computing ICL-1009 Module
Mathematics for Computing ICL-1109 Module
Mathematics for Cryptography ICL-3402 Module
MComp Team Project ICE-4004 Module
Mechanical Eng Principles ICL-1017 Module
Mechanical Eng Principles ICL-1317 Module
MEng Individual Project IED-3098 Module
MEng Team Project ICE-4002 Module
Microelectronics&Nanophotonics ICE-2312 Module
Microengineering ICE-4323 Module
Microwave Engineering ICE-3303 Module
Mobile Communications Systems ICE-4413 Module
MRes Individual Project ICE-4007 Module
MSc Generalist Mini-project ICE-4005 Module
MSc Individual Project ICE-4001 Module
Nano-Elec & High-Speed Design ICE-4321 Module
Natural Language Processing ICE-4721 Module
Network Security ICL-2203 Module
Networking Theory and Practice ICE-1401 Module
Object Oriented Programming ICE-1101 Module
Object Oriented Programming ICL-2002 Module
Object Oriented Programming ICL-2609 Module
Object Oriented Programming ICL-2102 Module
Optical Comms & Systems ICE-3304 Module
Parametric CAD & Adv Surf Mod XUE-4021 Module
Penetration Testing ICL-3403 Module
Power Engineering ICL-3011 Module
Production Software Developmen ICL-3004 Module
Prof Reflection & Develop (WB) ICL-2620 Module
Prof Reflection & Develop (WB) ICL-2019 Module
Professional Perspectives ETC-1064 Module
Professional Perspectives ICE-1001 Module
Professional Practice 1 XUE-1047 Module
Professional Practice 2 XUE-2047 Module
Professional Practice 3 XUE-3047 Module
Professional Prospective ETC-1001 Module
Profiad yn y Gweithle 1 XUC-1048 Module
Profiad yn y Gweithle 2 XUC-2048 Module
Profiad yn y Gweithle 3 XUC-3048 Module
Programmable Logic Controllers ICE-4311 Module
Programming Fundamentals ETC-1022 Module
Proj Management for Comp Prof ICL-2621 Module
Proj Management for Comp Prof ICL-2107 Module
Proj Management for Comp Prof ICL-2007 Module
Prosiect MEng Unigol IEW-3098 Module
Prosiect Tîm MEng ICC-4002 Module
Prototyping and Fabrication ICE-2501 Module
Prototyping and Fabrication ICE-4502 Module
Python Programming ETC-1121 Module
Python Programming ICE-1121 Module
Quality Management ICE-3011 Module
Quality, Value & TQM IED-4066 Module
Research and Study Skills ICL-1108 Module
Research and Study Skills ICL-1008 Module
Research and Study Skills ICL-1318 Module
Research Methods ICE-3002 Module
Research Methods & Study Skill ICE-4003 Module
Research Methods & Study Skill ICL-2006 Module
Research Methods & Study Skill ICL-2622 Module
Research Methods & Study Skill ICL-2106 Module
Research Methods for Design XUE-4003 Module
RF & Optical MEMS ICE-4414 Module
Scaling Networks ICL-2014 Module
Security & Data Ethics (UNIX) ICL-1320 Module
Security & Data Ethics (UNIX) ICL-1013 Module
Signal Processing & Tranducers ICE-3301 Module
Software Engineering ICL-3002 Module
Software Engineering ICE-3101 Module
Software Hut ETC-2302 Module
Software Prototyping Study ICE-3003 Module
Software Prototyping Study ICL-3003 Module
Strategic Planning XUE-4013 Module
Summer Placement ICE-3901 Module
Sustainable Manufacturing Man ICL-3009 Module
Sustainable Project Plan & Mgt ICE-2001 Module
Sustainable Renewable Energy ICL-3012 Module
Sys Admin & Maintenance ETC-2801 Module
System Admin & Mainte ICE-2801 Module
Systems & Design Thinking ICE-3801 Module
UNIX ICE-1521 Module
Unix Operating System ETC-1002 Module
User Experience (UX) & HCI ICL-3103 Module
User Experience (UX) & HCI ICE-4141 Module
User Experience (UX) & HCI ICE-2103 Module
Vis & Graphical Algorithms ICL-2624 Module
Vis & Graphical Algorithms ICL-2111 Module
Vis & Graphical Algorithms ICL-2011 Module
VLSI & Digital Circuits ICE-2301 Module
WBP-Advanced Security Solution ICL-3008 Module
WBP-Data Processing & AI ICL-3005 Module
WBP-Design& Impl Visualisation ICL-3006 Module
WBP-PESTLE (inc.GDPR) ICL-3007 Module
Web Based Applications ETC-3046 Module
Web Servers & Authentication ICL-2012 Module
Web Servers & Authentication ICL-2623 Module
Web Technologies ICE-4111 Module
Web Technologies ICL-1119 Module
Web Technologies ETC-1411 Module
Web Technologies ICE-1411 Module
Web Technologies ICL-1321 Module
Web Technologies ETC-1026 Module
Web Technologies ICL-1019 Module
Workplace Experience 1 XUE-1048 Module
Workplace Experience 2 XUE-2048 Module
Workplace Experience 3 XUE-3048 Module
XReality ICE-4711 Module

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