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Name Code Type
Academic Tutorials DXX-1107 Module
Academic Tutorials&Key Skills DXX-1007 Module
Academic Tutorials&Key Skills DXX-1000 Module
Adv Research & Lab Skills FXX-4521 Module
Adv. topics in Inorg. Chem. FXX-4503 Module
Advanced Chemical Techniques FXX-4113 Module
Advanced GIS & Remote Sensing DXX-3115 Module
Advanced Org and Inorg Chem FXX-3509 Module
Advanced organic / inorganic / physical chemistry FXX-3501 Module
Advanced Physical Chemistry FXX-3507 Module
Advances in Behaviour BNS-3004 Module
Advances in Conservation DXX-3511 Module
Advances in Conservation DXX-3510 Module
Advances in Herpetology BSX-3158 Module
Advances in Primatology BSX-3165 Module
Agriculture & the environment DXX-4042 Module
Agriculture and Society DDL-4013 Module
Agriculture&Forestry Placement DXX-9900 Module
Agro-ecosystem services DDL-4015 Module
Agroforestry Systems & Prac. DDL-4004 Module
Agroforestry Systems/practice DXX-4010 Module
Analytical Techniques FXW-1002 Module
Animal Design BSX-3151 Module
Animal Ethics and Welfare BSX-3149 Module
Animal Management BSX-3164 Module
Animal Management BXS-3164 Module
Animal Survival Strategies BSX-3144 Module
Arizona Fieldcourse BSX-2031 Module
Attack and Defence in Plants BSX-3154 Module
Behavioural Ecology BSX-2018 Module
Bio Enterprise & Employability BSX-3141 Module
Biofenter & Chyflogadwyedd BSC-3141 Module
Bioinformatical Analysis Tools BSM-4121 Module
Bioleg Moleciwlaidd a Biocemeg BSC-2019 Module
Bioleg y Gell a'r Moleciwl BNC-1004 Module
Biological Science Placement BSX-9000 Module
Biological Sciences Induction ZXX-4801 Module
BioScience Skills BSX-2021 Module
Botanical Ecology & Ecosystem DXX-4531 Module
Bus.planning for green economy DXX-4518 Module
C. Issues in Env & related Sci DXX-3506 Module
Carbon Footprinting and LCA DDL-4012 Module
Catchment Modelling & Analysis DXX-3707 Module
Catchment Processes DXX-2011 Module
Cemeg 1 FXC-1101 Module
Cemeg 1 - Gweithdai FXC-1113 Module
Cemeg 2 (20 credyd) FXC-1103 Module
Cemeg 2 - Gweithdai FXC-1114 Module
Cemeg Ffisegol FXC-2111 Module
Cemeg Org/Anorg/Ffis uwch FXC-3501 Module
Chem. in Biol. and Environ. FXX-1005 Module
Chemical Biology FXX-3502 Module
Chemical Concepts 2 FXX-2102 Module
Chemical Concepts 3 FXX-3504 Module
Chemistry in Everyday Life FXW-1001 Module
Chemistry Laboratory 1 FXX-1106 Module
Chemistry Laboratory 2 FXX-1107 Module
Climate Change DDL-4208 Module
Climate Change DXX-2006 Module
Comparative Zoology BSX-1027 Module
Computational and Study skills FXX-1111 Module
Conservation Field Course DXX-4533 Module
Conservation Practice DXX-2009 Module
Conservation Research Methods DXX-4534 Module
Conservation science DXX-4016 Module
Constructed Wetlands BSM-4136 Module
Contemporary Forestry DXX-4515 Module
Coping with a Changing Planet DXX-3800 Module
Core Chem & Research Skills FXX-4701 Module
Core Chemical Concepts 1 FXX-2101 Module
Core Chemistry Laboratory FXX-2109 Module
Core Organic Chemical Concepts FXX-3510 Module
Core Physical Chem Concepts FXX-3508 Module
Current Issues in Human Geog. DXX-3013 Module
Current Issues in Human Geog. DXX-3014 Module
Cynllun Rheoli DXC-3702 Module
Cyrsiau Maes BSC-2025 Module
Cysyniadau Cemegol 1 FXC-2101 Module
Cysyniadau Cemegol 3 FXC-3504 Module
Cysyniadau Cynaladwyedd DXC-4000 Module
Daearyddiaeth Awyr Agored DXC-2014 Module
Daearyddiaeth Ddynol Gyfoes DXC-3013 Module
Daearyddiaeth Dynol DXC-1004 Module
Datblygiad Cynaliadwy DXC-2001 Module
Developmental Biology BSX-3148 Module
Dissertation BSX-3160 Module
Dissertation in Biological Sci BSX-3070 Module
Distance learning Dissertation DDL-4999 Module
Dulliau Offerynnol a Dadansodd FXC-1105 Module
Earth Systems and Processes DXX-1005 Module
Ecology & Evolution DNS-1003 Module
Ecosystem Function & Services DXX-1001 Module
Ecosystem function and service DXX-1101 Module
Ein Cemeg Ni FXC-1104 Module
Env. & Indust. Biotechnology BSM-4105 Module
Env. Management & Conservation DXX-1102 Module
Env. Management & Conservation DXX-1002 Module
Env. Microbiol. and Biotech. BSX-3142 Module
Environmental Experience BSM-4131 Module
Environmental Genomics BSM-4126 Module
Environmental Geochemistry DXX-3001 Module
Environmental Issues DXX-3508 Module
Environmental Policy DXX-3615 Module
Erasmus placement Semester 1 FXX-9801 Module
Erasmus placement semester 2 FXX-9802 Module
Erasmus Study Tour DXX-4500 Module
Erasmus Summer Placement FXX-9111 Module
Esblygiad a Geneteg BNC-2002 Module
Essential Biology SNS-0003 Module
Essential Chemistry FXX-0010 Module
European Exchange Semester 1 DXX-9002 Module
European Exchange Semester 2 DXX-9003 Module
European placement for 1 year FXX-9001 Module
Evolution & Genetics BNS-2002 Module
Evolution & Genetics 1 BNS-2001 Module
Field Course: Geography DXX-2015 Module
Field Course: Tenerife DXX-3305 Module
Field Course: ACE DXX-2012 Module
Field Course: Barcelona DXX-3003 Module
Field Course: Forestry DXX-2016 Module
Field course: Forestry DXX-2216 Module
Field Course: Making Snowdonia DXX-1006 Module
Field Courses BSX-2025 Module
Fish Physiology BSX-3145 Module
Florida 1 BSX-2034 Module
Florida 2 Field Trip BSX-2036 Module
Food & Drink Geographies & Inn DXC-3601 Module
Food Geographies DXC-3600 Module
Food Geographies DXX-3601 Module
Food Geographies DXX-3600 Module
Food Geographies B DXX-7601 Module
Forest and Woodland Management DXX-2010 Module
Forest Ecology DXX-3301 Module
Forest ecology DXX-3331 Module
Forest Ecology and Resources DXX-4517 Module
Forest Ecosystems DDL-4204 Module
Forest Ecosystems DXX-3212 Module
Forest Ecosystems & Services DXX-3016 Module
Forest Health DXX-2017 Module
Forest health DXX-2227 Module
Forest History, Policy and Mgt DDL-4003 Module
Forest Management Planning DXX-4530 Module
Forestry & woodland management DXX-2210 Module
Forestry Field Course DXX-4532 Module
Forestry Field Course DXX-1106 Module
Forestry in the 21st Century DXX-1103 Module
Forestry in the 21st Century DXX-1003 Module
Foundation of Chemistry 1 FXX-1101 Module
Foundation of Chemistry 2 FXX-1103 Module
Foundation Year Chemistry SNS-0002 Module
Foundation Year Project SNS-0001 Module
Freshwater Ecosystems BNS-3001 Module
Freshwater Ecosystems 2 BNS-3003 Module
General Skills FXX-3506 Module
Genomes and Molecular Genetics BSM-4023 Module
Geographical Thought DXX-4104 Module
Geography Outdoors DXX-2014 Module
Geohazards DXX-2008 Module
Geomorffoleg Afonol DXC-2018 Module
GIS & Research Methods DXX-2000 Module
GIS and research methods DXX-2220 Module
Global Food Security DDL-4207 Module
Global Food Security DXX-3006 Module
Gloywi Iaith ar gyfer Amgyl DXC-4003 Module
GoverningSociety & Environment DXX-3017 Module
Green Technologies DXX-4525 Module
Gwaith Maes DXC-4005 Module
Gwaith Maes: Barcelona DXC-3003 Module
Gwaith Maes: Creu Eryri DXC-1006 Module
Gwaith Maes: Daeryddiaeth DXC-2015 Module
H&S and Care of Environment ONS-4000 Module
Herpetology BSX-3146 Module
Honours project DXX-3701 Module
Honours project DXX-3771 Module
Human Aspects of Conservation DXX-3801 Module
Human Evolutionary Biology BSX-3161 Module
Human Geography DXX-1004 Module
Human Physiology BSX-1025 Module
Human Physiology 2 BSX-1026 Module
India Field Course BSX-2032 Module
Industrial Placement one year FXX-9000 Module
Inorganic Chemistry FXX-2106 Module
Insect Behaviour & Evolution BSX-3167 Module
Instr & Anal Meth non Chemists FXX-2105 Module
Instrumentation & Analytical M FXX-1105 Module
Integrated Chemistry Labs FXX-2208 Module
Integrated Zoology BSX-2030 Module
International Experience DXX-9008 Module
International Experience DXX-9030 Module
International Experience DXX-9015 Module
International Experience DXX-9007 Module
International Experience BSS-3007 Module
International Experience BSS-2007 Module
International Experience DXX-9006 Module
International Experience BSS-3006 Module
International Experience BSS-2006 Module
International Experience DXX-9907 Module
International Experience DXX-9908 Module
International Experience Place BSS-2005 Module
Intl Exp module one year L6 FXX-9778 Module
Intl Exp module summer L4 FXX-9666 Module
Intl Exp module summer L6 FXX-9777 Module
Intl Exp one year L4 FXX-9667 Module
Introduction to Herpetology BSX-2028 Module
Introduction to Microbiology BSX-1005 Module
Introduction to Ornithology BSX-2041 Module
Introduction to Primatology BSX-2042 Module
Inv., Assessment & Monitoring DDL-4205 Module
Invertebrates BSX-2017 Module
Laboratory Health & Safety FXX-4999 Module
Laboratory Teaching Skills FXX-4523 Module
Labordy Cemeg 1 FXC-1106 Module
Labordy Cemeg 2 FXC-1107 Module
Labordy Cemeg Craidd FXC-2109 Module
Labordy Cemeg Ychwanegol FXC-2110 Module
Life in a Changing Climate BSX-3150 Module
Life in Wetlands BSX-3152 Module
Literature Review FXX-4705 Module
Lleoliad Gwaith DXC-3009 Module
Lleoliad Professiynol DXC-4006 Module
Local Field Trip BSX-2035 Module
Location Specific Knowledge DXX-4519 Module
M.Env. Science Dissertation DXX-4101 Module
Main Group Chemistry FXX-2201 Module
Management plan DXX-3702 Module
Management Plan DXX-3772 Module
Management planning DXX-4013 Module
Marine Biotechnology BSM-4101 Module
Masters Research Project BSM-4000 Module
Materion Amgylcheddol DXC-3508 Module
Materion Cyfoes yr Amgylchedd DXC-3506 Module
Materion Cyfoes: Daear. Ddynol DXC-3014 Module
Maths Skills for Chemists FXX-1112 Module
Medrau Bio-Wyddoniaeth BSC-2021 Module
Methedoleg Ymchwil DXC-4520 Module
Methodoleg maes DXC-1303 Module
MGeog Dissertation DXX-4103 Module
MGeog Project Essay DXX-3709 Module
Modern Analytical Techniques FXX-4703 Module
Molecular Ecology & Evolution BSX-3139 Module
Mount Etna Sicily F/C DXX-2023 Module
MRes (AgrEnv) research project DDL-4018 Module
MSc Dissertation DXX-4999 Module
MSc Lab Work & Research Paper FXX-4706 Module
Nat Sciences: Research Skills ONS-4001 Module
Natural Resource Development DXX-4019 Module
Natural Resource Management DXX-4505 Module
OC 1 Reactions and Mechanisms FXX-2203 Module
OC 2 Aromatics and Polymers FXX-2204 Module
On-Farm Anaerobic Digestion DDL-4017 Module
Organic Chemistry FXX-2107 Module
Organismal Diversity BNS-1002 Module
Organomet Chem & Catalysis FXX-3505 Module
Ornithology BSX-3166 Module
Ornithology BSX-3157 Module
Parasites & Pathogens (Yr3) BSX-3159 Module
Parasites and Pathogens BSX-1023 Module
People, Space & Identity DXX-2007 Module
Physical 1 FXX-2205 Module
Physical 2 FXX-2206 Module
Physical Chemistry FXX-2111 Module
Plant Biotechnology BSM-4103 Module
Plant Diversity & Conservation DXX-2019 Module
Plant Diversity & Conservation DXX-2021 Module
Plant Diversity Practical DXX-2020 Module
Pollution and Environment FXX-3101 Module
Practical Project (MChem) FXX-4507 Module
Practical Skills 1 BSX-1030 Module
Practical Skills 2 BSX-1031 Module
Practical Skills 2 BSC-1031 Module
Primatology BSX-3153 Module
Primatology Field Course BSX-2033 Module
Principles of Conservation DXX-2003 Module
Principles of Life 1 BNS-1004 Module
Principles of Life 2 BSX-2019 Module
Processes at Interfaces FXX-4502 Module
Products & Markets DXX-4528 Module
Professional Placement DXX-3009 Module
Professional Placement DXX-4100 Module
Professional Placement DXX-9000 Module
Professional Placement DXX-4102 Module
Professional Skills (Chemists) FXX-2104 Module
Project & Lab Work FXX-3121 Module
Project (Modiwl Dwbl) FXC-3121 Module
Project (Modiwl Pedwarplyg) FXC-3116 Module
Project - Quadruple Module FXX-3116 Module
Project Anrhydedd DXC-3701 Module
Project Preparation ONS-4002 Module
Project Preparation MBB BSM-4125 Module
Project Preparation WSC BSM-4109 Module
Quantitative Thinking DXX-2022 Module
Recombinant protein expression BSM-4124 Module
Renewable Energy DXX-3507 Module
Research Methods DXX-4520 Module
Research Methods & Communicati DXX-4535 Module
Research Methods (ATP) DDL-4020 Module
Research Planning & Comm DXX-4527 Module
Research Project BSM-4110 Module
Research Project Proposal FXX-4704 Module
Research Skills FXX-3503 Module
Research Thesis FXX-4520 Module
Resource Efficient Farming DDL-4014 Module
Rheolaeth Cefn Gwlad DXC-4002 Module
Rivers & Environmental Change DXX-3012 Module
Rivers, Coast and Oceans DXX-3018 Module
Science & Employability Skills BSX-3071 Module
Separation Science FXX-3201 Module
Settlement Systems DXX-3004 Module
Sgiliau Cyfrifiannu ac Astudio FXC-1111 Module
Sgiliau Gwyddoniaeth a Gwaith BSC-3071 Module
Sgiliau Mathemateg FXC-1112 Module
Sgiliau Proffesiynol FXC-2104 Module
Sgiliau Ymchwil FXC-3503 Module
Siberia Field Course BSX-2038 Module
Silviculture DDL-4202 Module
Silviculture and Inventory DXX-2224 Module
Silviculture and Inventory DXX-2004 Module
Social Issues in Forest Mgt. DDL-4201 Module
Soil Management DDL-4010 Module
Spain Field Course BSX-2037 Module
Specialised Chemistry Lab FXX-2110 Module
Specialised Topics FXX-2108 Module
Spectroscopy and Analysis FXX-2103 Module
Strategic Environmental Manag DXX-4524 Module
Structure & Reactivity (Org) FXX-4501 Module
Sufonama (ECTS) DXX-4510 Module
Sustainable Development DXX-2001 Module
Sustainable use of NTFPs DDL-4206 Module
Sutrofor (ECTS) DXX-4509 Module
Systematics and Diversity BSX-3137 Module
Tech. of Mol Biol & Biotech. BSM-4104 Module
Techniques in Chemistry FXX-2207 Module
Techs in Biochemical Analysis FXX-4707 Module
Techs in Chemical Analysis FXX-4702 Module
Testunau Arbennig FXC-2108 Module
The Chemistry of Us FXX-1104 Module
The Forestry Profession DXX-3705 Module
Tiwt Acad.&Sgiliau Allweddol DXC-1000 Module
Tiwt Acad.&Sgiliau Allweddol DXC-1007 Module
Tiwtorialau Blwyddyn 1 BSC-1028 Module
Tiwtorialau Blwyddyn Un BSC-1018 Module
Traethawd Hir DXC-4999 Module
Traethawd Hir BSC-3070 Module
Traethawd Hir BSC-3160 Module
Transform Euro Field Course DXX-4523 Module
Transition-metal/Solid state FXX-2202 Module
Trop. forests people & policy DDL-4301 Module
Tropical conserva field course DXX-3304 Module
Tropical Forestry Study Tour DDL-4545 Module
Tutorials FXX-2209 Module
Tutorials Year 1 BSX-1028 Module
Tutorials Year One BSX-1018 Module
Upland Farming Systems DDL-4011 Module
Upland Management DXX-3708 Module
Urban Forestry DXX-4536 Module
Vertebrate Biology BSX-2022 Module
Waste Management & Utilisation DXX-3402 Module
Water and Agriculture DDL-4016 Module
Water, air & soil pollution DXX-2002 Module
Web-based Literature Review FXX-4505 Module
Wetland Conservation/Managment BSM-4134 Module
Wetland Ecosystem Services BSM-4135 Module
Wetland Hydrology & Biogeochem BSM-4133 Module
WetlandsClasses&Biodiversity BSM-4132 Module
Wildlife Ecol & Conservation BNS-3000 Module
Working Chemistry 1 FXX-1113 Module
Working Chemistry 2 FXX-1114 Module

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