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Nursing Practice Year 1 D NAC-1905 Module
Achieving Quality Care NMW-3201 Module
Acute Medical Care NHS-3155 Module
Acute Non-Invasive Ventilation NHS-3160 Module
Adlewyrchu ar Ymchwil SCW-4015 Module
Adolygiad Llenyddiaeth SCW-4016 Module
Adult Chronic Conditions NHS-4414 Module
Adults w. Chronic Conditions NHS-4514 Module
Adults with acute needs NHS-4513 Module
Adults with complex needs NHS-4413 Module
Adv decision making (AD) disp NAA-3803 Module
Adv decision making (AD) PTD NAP-3093 Module
Adv decision making (Ch) PTD NCP-3093 Module
Adv decision making (Ch)disp NCA-3803 Module
Adv decision making (MH) PTD NMP-3093 Module
Adv decision making (MH)disp NMA-3803 Module
Adv. decision making (AD) NAE-3003 Module
Adv. decision making (AD) NAA-3003 Module
Adv. decision making (AD)-PT NAP-3003 Module
Adv. decision making (Ch) NCA-3003 Module
Adv. decision making (LD) NLA-3003 Module
Adv. decision making (LD)-PT NLP-3003 Module
Adv. decision making (LD)-S1 NLE-3003 Module
Adv. decision making (LD)-S1 NLM-3003 Module
Adv. decision making (MH) NME-3003 Module
Adv. decision making (MH) NMA-3003 Module
Adv. decision making (MH)-PT NMP-3003 Module
Adv. decision making (MH)-S1 NMM-3003 Module
Advance Non Surgical Aesthetic NHS-4424 Module
Advanced Therapeutics & Pharm MSE-4071 Module
Advanced Therapeutics&Pharm B MSE-0071 Module
Advances in Palliative Care NHS-4434 Module
Advances in Renal Care NHS-4246 Module
Advancing Knowledge NHS-4356 Module
Advancing knowledge NHS-3196 Module
Advancing Skills Development NHS-4357 Module
Ageing & Dementia Dissertation NHS-4439 Module
Ageing & Wellbeing in Society NCC-2305 Module
Ageing and Well Being NHS-2305 Module
Ageing,Resillience, Well Being NHS-4431 Module
Anaesthetics 1 NHS-1103 Module
Anatomy for Sport Science MSE-1023 Module
Applied Anatomy MSE-4067 Module
Applied Anatomy MSE-3009 Module
Applied Anatomy & Histopath MSE-4051 Module
Applied Anatomy B MSE-0067 Module
Applied Clinical Cognition MSE-4093 Module
Applied Clinical Technologies MSE-2026 Module
Applied Diagnostic Sciences MSE-4069 Module
Applied Diagnostic Sciences B MSE-0069 Module
Applied Functional Anatomy NHS-4448 Module
Applied Imaging Practice 1 RDR-1174 Module
Applied Imaging Practice 2 RDR-2173 Module
Applied Imaging Science 1 RDR-1173 Module
Applied Imaging Science 2 RDR-2174 Module
Applied Med Pharmacology MSE-3026 Module
Applied Medical Biochemistry MSE-3027 Module
Applied Pharma Practical MSE-2029 Module
Applied Physiology MSE-4068 Module
Applied Physiology MSE-3010 Module
Applied Physiology B MSE-0068 Module
Applied Vocational Skills MSE-4070 Module
Applied Vocational Skills B MSE-0070 Module
Applied-Molecules and Cells MSE-2008 Module
Approaches in Health Quality NHS-4379 Module
Ass & Positive Outcomes NLA-2203 Module
Ass & Positive Outcomes NLA-2213 Module
Ass & Positive Outcomes (B) NLA-2214 Module
Assessment & Pos Outcomes (B) NLA-2204 Module
Autonomy & Equality NLA-1201 Module
Autonomy & Equality(B) NLA-1202 Module
Basic Clinical Biochemistry MSE-2016 Module
Becoming an Effe Prac PT MPS-3203 Module
Becoming an Effective Prac NMA-3203 Module
Becoming an effective prac (B) NMS-3204 Module
Becoming an effective Prac Ban NMA-3204 Module
Becoming an effective pract NMS-3203 Module
Behaviour and Health NHS-1123 Module
Behaviour and Health NCC-1123 Module
Best Practice and Behaviour NHS-4382 Module
Best Practice Infection Contro NHS-3179 Module
Bilingual Dissertation NHS-4333 Module
Bio.& Phy.for Advance Practice NHS-4213 Module
Bioinformatics & Genomic Data MSE-4080 Module
Biology for Medical Sciences MSE-0001 Module
Biomed Sci Placement MSE-9000 Module
Biomedical Practicals MSE-1020 Module
Biomedical Science 1 NDS-1001 Module
Blood Sciences MSE-4090 Module
Blood Sciences B MSE-0090 Module
Cancer Pharmacology MSE-2030 Module
Cardio. Renal & Resp. Pharma. NHS-2403 Module
Care in Anaesthetic Practice NHS-3011 Module
Case Management Dev Pract NMS-2111 Module
Cell and Molecular Pathology MSE-2027 Module
Cell and Molecular Pathology MSE-4091 Module
Cell and Molecular Pathology B MSE-0091 Module
Cell Biology MSE-2020 Module
Cert. in Prof & Clinical Ed. 2 MSE-4011 Module
Challenges in Physio Practice NHS-4452 Module
Chemistry for Medical Sciences MSE-0002 Module
Child Adolescent Mental Health NHS-4377 Module
Chronic Disease NHS-3185 Module
Chronic Long-Term Conditions NHS-4450 Module
Clinical Anatomy MSE-4060 Module
Clinical Anatomy MSE-2013 Module
Clinical Anatomy B MSE-0060 Module
Clinical and AppliedPhysiology MSE-4021 Module
Clinical Biochemistry MSE-3018 Module
Clinical Decision Making NHS-4410 Module
Clinical Education for AHP NHS-4523 Module
Clinical Evaluation MSD-4030 Module
Clinical Physiology MSE-2006 Module
Clinical Physiology MSE-4061 Module
Clinical Physiology B MSE-0061 Module
Clinical Practice 2 NDS-2000 Module
Clinical Practice1 NDS-1011 Module
Clinical Radiography III RDR-3012 Module
Clinical Sciences PEP MSE-3012 Module
Clinical Skills NDS-1012 Module
Clinical Teaching Evaluation MSE-4030 Module
Coaching & supervising disp NAC-3801 Module
Coaching and Mentoring ILA-4005 Module
Coaching and Mentoring DL ILA-4905 Module
Coaching and Supervising NAC-3001 Module
Coaching and Supervising D NAC-3901 Module
Coaching and Supervising PT NPC-3001 Module
Coaching and Supervising-S1 NEC-3001 Module
Coaching and Supervising-S2 NMC-3001 Module
Comm in Dementia Care(e) NHS-4427 Module
Communication in Dementia Care NHS-4371 Module
Communication Skills NHS-3182 Module
Comparative Health & Welfare NHS-2202 Module
Comparative Health and Welfare NCC-2202 Module
Comparative Imaging RDR-3014 Module
Complexity in Dementia NHS-3028 Module
Consultation & History Taking NHS-4227 Module
Consultation Skills (Theory) NHS-4358 Module
Contemporary issues in Med Sc MSE-3032 Module
Contraception & Assoc'd Health NHS-3103 Module
Contraception and Ass Health NHS-4384 Module
Core Elements Pre Hospital NHS-4435 Module
Coronary Care (Theory) NHS-3172 Module
Creating a Learning Culture ILA-4006 Module
Creating a Learning Culture DL ILA-4906 Module
Creative Approaches to Ageing NHS-4432 Module
Critical Care 1 NHS-3209 Module
Critical Care 1 Fundamental NHS-4442 Module
Critical Care 2 Advanced NHS-3210 Module
Critical Care 2 Advanced NHS-4443 Module
Critical Prac in MH Nursing NMA-3201 Module
Critical prac in MH Nursing PT MPA-3201 Module
Critical Practice in MH NMS-3201 Module
Critical Practice in MH NMS-3202 Module
Critical Practice in MH (B) NMA-3202 Module
Cultural Caregiving NHS-3183 Module
Culturally Sensitive Care NHS-4373 Module
Curriculum Design MSD-4014 Module
Curriculum Design & Planning MSE-4014 Module
Cyflwyniad Meicrobioleg MSC-1022 Module
Cyfraith i Waith Cymdeithasol1 SCW-4050 Module
Cyfraith i Waith Cymdeithasol2 SCW-4055 Module
CYP w a Long Term Cond (B) NCA-2204 Module
CYP with a long term cond (B) NCA-2214 Module
CYP with a long term condition NCA-2203 Module
CYP with a long term condition NCA-2213 Module
Delivering Teaching & Learning MSE-4012 Module
Dementia Care NHS-3162 Module
Dental Public Health NDS-2001 Module
Dental Radiography 1 NDS-1013 Module
Dev AB Nurse 1(B) PT NSP-2204 Module
Dev Adult Nurse (B) PT NAP-3204 Module
Dev Adult Nurse 2 (B) NSP-3204 Module
Dev Adult Nurse 2 (B) PT NSP-3203 Module
Dev Adult Nurse PT NAP-3203 Module
Dev in Medical Nursing (Theory NHS-2121 Module
Dev prof in mid prac NMW-2203 Module
Dev Surgical Nursing (Theory) NHS-2120 Module
Developing Adult Nurse 1(B) NAA-2204 Module
Developing Adult Nurse 2 (B) NAS-3204 Module
Developing Adult Nurse 2 (B) NAA-3204 Module
Developing Adult Nurse II NAA-3203 Module
Developing Adult nurse PT NSP-2203 Module
Developing Advanced Practice NHS-4375 Module
Developing as a nurse (AD) NAA-2001 Module
Developing as a nurse (AD) Dis NAA-2901 Module
Developing as a nurse (AD) Dis NAA-2801 Module
Developing as a nurse (AD) PTD NAP-2091 Module
Developing as a nurse (AD)-PT NAP-2001 Module
Developing as a nurse (AD)-S1 NAE-2001 Module
Developing as a nurse (AD)PTS NAS-2001 Module
Developing as a nurse (Ch) NCA-2001 Module
Developing as a nurse (Ch) D NCA-2901 Module
Developing as a nurse (Ch) PTD NCP-2091 Module
Developing as a nurse (Ch)disp NCA-2801 Module
Developing as a nurse (LD) NLA-2001 Module
Developing as a nurse (LD)-PT NLP-2001 Module
Developing as a nurse (LD)-S1 NLE-2001 Module
Developing as a nurse (MH) NMA-2001 Module
Developing as a nurse (MH) NME-2001 Module
Developing as a nurse (MH) D NMA-2901 Module
Developing as a nurse (MH) Dis NMA-2801 Module
Developing as a nurse (MH)-PT NMP-2001 Module
Developing CYP Nurse NCA-3203 Module
Developing CYP Nurse Fast Tk NCA-3303 Module
Developing MH Nur/Practice (B) NMS-2202 Module
Developing MH Nursing Prac (B) NMA-2202 Module
Developing MH Nursing prac PT MPA-2201 Module
Developing MH Nursing Practice NMS-2201 Module
Developing MH Nursing Practice NMA-2201 Module
Developing Midwifery Practice NMX-2022 Module
Developing Midwifery Practice NMW-2022 Module
Developing Prof. Fast Tk NLA-3303 Module
Developing Professionally NLA-3203 Module
Developing Professionally (B) NLA-3204 Module
Developing the Adult Nurse 1 NAP-2203 Module
Developing the Adult Nurse 1 NAS-2203 Module
Developing the Adult Nurse 2 NAS-3203 Module
Development of self and others NDS-1009 Module
Diabetes Management NHS-4247 Module
Diabetes Management Theory NHS-3177 Module
Diabetes Management Theory NHS-2125 Module
Diabetes Mngmnt Theory NHS-4362 Module
Diabetes Nursing NHS-3149 Module
Diagnostic Cellular Pathology MSE-3019 Module
Diagnostic Sciences MSE-4062 Module
Diagnostic Sciences B MSE-0062 Module
Diploma Dissertation Option NHS-2018 Module
Dissertation MSE-4053 Module
Dissertation NHS-3197 Module
Dissertation MSE-3008 Module
Dissertation RDR-3175 Module
Dissertation MSE-4025 Module
Dissertation MSD-4053 Module
Dissertation NHS-4233 Module
DMHN Prac PT Yr 1 MPS-2201 Module
DMHN Prac PT Yr 1 (B) MPS-2202 Module
Doing Social Research NHS-1203 Module
Drug Development MSE-3020 Module
Drug Development MSE-3024 Module
Drug Safety and Toxicology NHS-3401 Module
e-Research NHS-4253 Module
Emergency Practitioner NHS-3115 Module
Emergency Practitioner NHS-4376 Module
Engagement & Assessment NHS-4519 Module
Enhanced Maternity Care NHS-4311 Module
Enhanced Maternity Care NHS-3311 Module
Epidemiology NHS-3194 Module
Epidemiology NHS-4005 Module
Epidemiology (e) NHS-4389 Module
Eq & Div in Nursing disp NAC-1807 Module
Equality & Diversity in Ng NAC-1007 Module
Equality & Diversity in Ng D NAC-1907 Module
Equality & Diversity in Ng-S1 NEC-1007 Module
Ethical Legal & Social Consid MSE-4082 Module
Evaluating Imaging Practice 1 RDR-1175 Module
Evaluating Imaging Practice 2 RDR-2175 Module
Evaluating Imaging Practice 3 RDR-3176 Module
Evaluating MH Practice (B) NMA-3206 Module
Evaluating Prac PT (B) Yr1 NSP-3206 Module
Evaluating Prac PT Yr1 NSP-3205 Module
Evaluating Prac(Adult) (B) NAA-3206 Module
Evaluating Prac(Adult) (B) NAS-3206 Module
Evaluating Practice NMS-3205 Module
Evaluating Practice NLA-3205 Module
Evaluating Practice (Adult) NAS-3205 Module
Evaluating Practice (Adult) NAA-3205 Module
Evaluating Practice (B) NMS-3206 Module
Evaluating Practice (B) NLA-3206 Module
Evaluating Practice (C/N) NCA-3205 Module
Evaluating Practice (Child)(B) NCA-3206 Module
Evaluating Practice Ch Fast T NCA-3305 Module
Evaluating Practice Fast Tk NLA-3305 Module
Evaluating practice PT MPA-3205 Module
Evaluating Practice PT MPS-3205 Module
Evaluating Practice PT Yr 2 NAP-3205 Module
Evaluating Practice PT Yr2 NAP-3207 Module
Evaluating Practice W NMA-3205 Module
Evaluation of Practice RDR-3123 Module
Evidence for Improvement NHS-4381 Module
Evidence For Practice NHS-4510 Module
Evidence informed prac PTD NPC-2091 Module
Evidence informed prac. disp NAC-2801 Module
Evidence informed prac. PT NPC-2001 Module
Evidence informed prac. PT (S) NSP-2001 Module
Evidence informed prac.-B NAC-2002 Module
Evidence informed prac.-S1 NEC-2001 Module
Evidence informed Pract distan NAC-2901 Module
Evidence informed practice NAC-2001 Module
Exam of the Newborn NHS-4396 Module
Examination & Diagnostics NHS-4228 Module
Examination of the Neonate NHS-3144 Module
Extended Practice NDS-1008 Module
Ffisoleg Clinigol MSC-2006 Module
Ffisoleg Dynol MSC-1021 Module
Foundation in Therapeutics MSE-1010 Module
Foundation of Practice NDS-1010 Module
Foundation-Molecules and Cells MSE-1007 Module
Foundations in Chemistry MSE-1024 Module
Foundations in Palliative Care NHS-3208 Module
Foundations in Palliative Care NHS-4433 Module
Fundamentals of Patient Care NHS-1116 Module
Fundamentals of Sociology NCC-1204 Module
Fundamentals of Sociology NHS-1204 Module
GC gyda Phlant PI a Theuluoedd SCW-4006 Module
GC gydag Oedolion SCW-4002 Module
General Practice Nursing NHS-3180 Module
General Practice Nursing Sprin NHS-3480 Module
Genome Instability MSE-3023 Module
Genomics & Cancer MSE-4083 Module
Genomics & Infectious Disease MSE-4084 Module
Genomics & Inherited Disease MSE-4085 Module
GI Endoscopy and Screening NHS-4370 Module
Global Health NHS-4445 Module
Global Health & Social Care NHS-3211 Module
Good Laboratory Practice MSE-1019 Module
Gwe a Moes ar gy Ymarfer GC SCW-4008 Module
H & S Legal & Professional NHS-1100 Module
Haematoleg MSC-3015 Module
Haematoleg a Trallwysiad MSC-2015 Module
Haematology MSE-3015 Module
Haematology & Transfusion MSE-2015 Module
Health & Welfare Issues NHS-1202 Module
Health and Social Care NCC-2205 Module
Health and Society NHS-1124 Module
Health and Society NCC-1124 Module
Health and Welfare NCC-1105 Module
Health Economics ILA-4915 Module
Health Economics NHS-4003 Module
Health Economics (e) NHS-4390 Module
Health Equity and Human Rights ILA-4007 Module
Health Equity Human Rights DL ILA-4907 Module
Health Leadership NHS-3157 Module
Health Policy NHS-3202 Module
Health, Care & Culture NHS-2307 Module
Health, Care & Culture NCC-2307 Module
Healthcare 2 NAC-2201 Module
Healthcare 2 NPC-2201 Module
Healthcare 2 (B) NAC-2202 Module
Healthcare 2 (B) NPC-2202 Module
Healthcare 2 (Nursing)(B) NSC-2202 Module
Healthcare 2(21) NPC-2301 Module
Healthcare 2b(21) NPC-2302 Module
Healthcare II RDR-2124 Module
Healthcare2 (Nursing) NSC-2201 Module
Healthy Behaviour Change ILA-4008 Module
Healthy Behaviour Change DL ILA-4908 Module
Histology & Histochemistry MSE-2018 Module
History of Medicine MSE-0003 Module
Human disease NDS-1014 Module
Human Genetics & Genomics MSE-4086 Module
Human Immunology MSE-2014 Module
Human Immunology & Disease MSE-4041 Module
Human Molecular Genetics MSE-4040 Module
Human Physiology & Anatomy MSE-1021 Module
Human Sciences 2 NPC-2203 Module
Human Sciences 2 NAC-2203 Module
Human Sciences 2 (b) NAC-2204 Module
Human Sciences 2 (B) NPC-2204 Module
Human Sciences 2: Nurisng (B) NSC-2204 Module
Human Sciences 2: Nursing NSC-2203 Module
Human Sciences II RDR-2123 Module
Humans: Structure & Function MSE-0004 Module
Hyfforddi a Goruchwylio NAC-3002 Module
Ill Adult Mngmnt Theory NHS-4360 Module
Ill Adult/Medical Management NHS-4254 Module
Image Interpretation RDR-3172 Module
Immunology & Human Disease MSE-3031 Module
Immunotherapy MSE-3028 Module
Implementing Evidence NHS-4251 Module
Independent Prescribing NHS-4258 Module
Independent Prescribing NHS-4555 Module
Independent Prescribing NHS-3212 Module
Independent Prescribing NHS-3136 Module
Infection Prevention 1 MSE-4128 Module
Infections:Diagnosis & Disease MSE-3034 Module
Infectious Sciences MSE-4092 Module
Information for Risk NHS-4249 Module
Initiating PG Research Project ZXX-4911 Module
Insight in Dementia Care NHS-3027 Module
International Experience MSE-2023 Module
International Experience MSE-2024 Module
International Experience 1 MSE-4074 Module
International Experience 2 MSE-4075 Module
Interpreting Evidence NHS-2300 Module
Interpreting Health Social Car NHS-2306 Module
Interpreting Quality & Safety NHS-2301 Module
Interpreting Quality Safety NHS-2302 Module
Intl Experience Placement NHS-2204 Module
Intro to Academic Skills MSE-0005 Module
Intro to CYP Nursing (B) NCA-1202 Module
Intro to evidence based prac NMW-1203 Module
Intro to health of individuals NMW-1202 Module
Intro to Laboratory Skills MSE-0006 Module
Intro to Nursing Practice NHS-2119 Module
Intro to role of mid in soc NMW-1201 Module
Introducing Nursing NEC-1003 Module
Introducing Nursing NAC-1003 Module
Introducing Nursing D NAC-1903 Module
Introducing Nursing disp NAC-1803 Module
Introduction Health Economics NHS-3198 Module
Introduction to MH Nursing NMS-1201 Module
Introduction to MH Nursing (B) NMS-1202 Module
Introduction to Microbiology MSE-1022 Module
Introduction to MW practice NMW-1022 Module
Introduction to MW practice NMX-1022 Module
Key Skills in Medical Science MSE-1017 Module
Laboratory Molecular Research MSE-3035 Module
Laboratory Molecular Research MSE-4042 Module
Law, Ethics and Prof 1 NDS-1004 Module
Law, Ethics and Prof 2 NDS-1007 Module
Lead, Innovate & Implement NHS-4415 Module
Lead, Innovate & Implement NHS-4515 Module
Leadership & Teaching MSE-4066 Module
Leadership & Teaching B MSE-0066 Module
Leadership (INT) NHS-3176 Module
Leadership in Context NHS-4380 Module
Leadership Innovation & Change NHS-4211 Module
Leadership, Q, I & Change Sem2 NHS-4363 Module
Leading complex care (AD) NAE-3001 Module
Leading complex care (AD) NAA-3001 Module
Leading complex care (AD) disp NAA-3801 Module
Leading complex care (AD) PTD NAP-3091 Module
Leading complex care (AD)-B NAA-3002 Module
Leading complex care (AD)PT NAP-3001 Module
Leading complex care (Ch) NCA-3001 Module
Leading complex care (Ch) PTD NCP-3091 Module
Leading complex care (Ch)disp NCA-3801 Module
Leading complex care (Ch)PT NCP-3001 Module
Leading complex care (LD) NLA-3001 Module
Leading complex care (LD)-S1 NLE-3001 Module
Leading complex care (LD)-S2 NLM-3001 Module
Leading complex care (LD)PT NLP-3001 Module
Leading complex care (MH) NMA-3001 Module
Leading complex care (MH) PTD NMP-3091 Module
Leading complex care (MH)-S1 NME-3001 Module
Leading complex care (MH)-S2 NMM-3001 Module
Leading complex care (MH)disp NMA-3801 Module
Leading complex care (MH)PT NMP-3001 Module
Leg Ulcer Management NHS-4135 Module
Leg Ulcers NHS-3135 Module
Legal & Ethical Concepts NHS-4409 Module
Legal & Ethical Concepts NHS-4509 Module
Legal & Ethical Issues NHS-3038 Module
Legal and Ethical Concepts NHS-4238 Module
Legal Concepts End of Life NHS-4398 Module
Literature Review SXW-4016 Module
Lleoliad Ymarfer 1 SCW-4014 Module
Lleoliad Ymarfer 2 SCW-4012 Module
Man. & Eval. Complex Care NHS-4521 Module
Managing Complex Transitions NHS-4369 Module
Managing Unsched Care MH NHS-4364 Module
Masters Dissertation MSE-4125 Module
Masters Research Skills MSE-4127 Module
Masters Research Skills B MSE-0127 Module
Maternal and newborn wellbeing NMW-1020 Module
Maternal and newborn wellbeing NMX-1020 Module
Med Sim based Teaching MSE-4002 Module
MEDIC 1 C21gC/nW CAR-1001 Module
MEDIC 2 C21gC/nW CAR-2002 Module
MEDIC 3 C21gC/nW CAR-3003 Module
MEDIC 4 C21gC/nW CAR-4004 Module
MEDIC 5 C21gC/nW CAR-5005 Module
Medical Genetics MSE-3017 Module
Medical Genomics MSE-3025 Module
Medical Leadership MSE-4003 Module
Medical Microbiology MSE-2019 Module
Medical Research Project MSE-4073 Module
Medication manage PTD NPC-2093 Module
Medication management NAC-2003 Module
Medication management NEC-2003 Module
Medication management D NAC-2903 Module
Medication management disp NAC-2803 Module
Medicine Management 1 NHS-4517 Module
Medicine Management 2 NHS-4518 Module
Medicines management PT NPC-2003 Module
Medicines management PT (S) NSP-2003 Module
Mental health & Society NHS-3201 Module
Mental Health & Wellbeing NMA-2203 Module
Mental Health & Wellbeing (B) NMA-2204 Module
Mental Health and Wellbeing ILA-4009 Module
Mental Health and Wellbeing DL ILA-4909 Module
Mental Health Practice Skills NHS-4453 Module
Metrology and Health MSE-4028 Module
MH & Well being (Billingual) NMS-2204 Module
MH & Wellbeing (B) P/T MPA-2204 Module
MH and wellbeing NMS-2203 Module
MH and Wellbeing P/T MPA-2203 Module
Microbioleg a Chiefydau Dyn MSC-3014 Module
Microbioleg Meddygol MSC-2019 Module
Microbiology & Human Disease MSE-3014 Module
Micropathology MSE-3021 Module
Minor Illness NHS-3140 Module
Minor Illness (Autumn) NHS-4446 Module
Minor Illness (Spring) NHS-4546 Module
Minor Injuries NHS-3163 Module
Mng Complex Transitions(e) NHS-4428 Module
Mng Transitions and Rehab NHS-4440 Module
Modiwl Addysgu Ymarfer SCW-4020 Module
Modiwl Prawf -Test module ZZZ-1001 Module
Molecular Biology & Biochem MSE-2025 Module
Molecular Diagnostics MSE-4089 Module
Molecular Pathology MSE-4050 Module
Molecular Pathology B MSE-0050 Module
Move More Sit Less ILA-4010 Module
Move More Sit Less DL ILA-4910 Module
MRes Research Project MSE-4077 Module
Neonatal Nursing QIS NHS-3159 Module
Neonate 2 (Intensive Care) NHS-3105 Module
Networks Health & Well Being NHS-4430 Module
Neurorad & Lesion Analysis MSE-4004 Module
Non Medical Prescribing NHS-4355 Module
Non Surgical Aesthetic Med NHS-4425 Module
Numeracy for Medical Sciences MSE-0007 Module
Nursing Altered Health 2 NCA-3109 Module
Nursing Practice 1 NHS-4512 Module
Nursing Practice 1 PGD NHS-4412 Module
Nursing Practice 2 NHS-4416 Module
Nursing Practice 2 PGD NHS-4516 Module
Nursing Practice Y2 PTD NPC-2095 Module
Nursing Practice Y2 PTD NPC-2195 Module
Nursing Practice Y2 PTD NPC-2295 Module
Nursing Practice Y3 PTD NPC-3193 Module
Nursing Practice Y3 PTD NPC-3093 Module
Nursing Practice Year 1 NAC-1005 Module
Nursing Practice Year 1 NEC-1005 Module
Nursing Practice Year 1 Disp NAC-1805 Module
Nursing Practice Year 1-S2 NMC-1005 Module
Nursing Practice Year 2 NAC-2005 Module
Nursing Practice Year 2 D NAC-2905 Module
Nursing Practice Year 2 Disp NAC-2805 Module
Nursing Practice Year 2-S1 NEC-2005 Module
Nursing Practice Year 2-S2 NMC-2005 Module
Nursing Practice Year 2a PT NPC-2005 Module
Nursing Practice Year 2a PT(S) NSP-2005 Module
Nursing Practice Year 2b PT NPC-2105 Module
Nursing Practice Year 3 NAC-3003 Module
Nursing Practice Year 3 NMC-3003 Module
Nursing Practice Year 3 D NAC-3903 Module
Nursing Practice Year 3 disp NAC-3803 Module
Nursing Practice Year 3 PT NPC-3003 Module
Nursing Practice Year 3-S1 NEC-3003 Module
Nursing Practice Year 3b PT NPC-3103 Module
OMICS MSE-4081 Module
Operative Dentistry 1 NDS-1002 Module
Operative Dentistry 2 NDS-1005 Module
Optimal Childbirth NHS-4385 Module
Optimising Additional Care NMW-2021 Module
Optimising Additional Care NMX-2021 Module
Optimising Breastfeeding NHS-4386 Module
Optimising Midwifery Pratice NMW-3031 Module
Optimising Midwifery Pratice NMW-2031 Module
Optimising Public Health NMX-2020 Module
Optimising Public Health NMW-2020 Module
Oral Medicine and Pathology NDS-2003 Module
Patholeg Cell a Moleciwlaidd MSC-2027 Module
Patholeg Cellog MSC-3019 Module
Pathophysiology MSE-3016 Module
Patient and Professional Manag NDS-2004 Module
Patient Assessment 1 NDS-1003 Module
Patient Assessment 2 NDS-1006 Module
PCAN PT Y2 NAP-2201 Module
PCAN1 PT Y1 (B) NSP-2202 Module
PCAN1 PT Y2 (B) NAP-2202 Module
Person Centered AD Nursing NAS-2201 Module
Person Centered AD Nursing(B) NAS-2202 Module
Person Centered counselling NHS-3025 Module
Person Centred A/Nursing 2 (B) NAA-3202 Module
Person Centred AB 2(B) PT NAP-3202 Module
Person Centred Ad Nursing 1(B) NAA-2202 Module
Person Centred Adult 2 (B) NAS-3202 Module
Person Centred Adult 2 PT NAP-3201 Module
Person Centred Adult N 2 NAS-3201 Module
Person Centred Adult N 2 NAA-3201 Module
Person Centred Counselling NHS-3124 Module
Person Centred Counselling NHS-4354 Module
Perspectives on Health NHS-3184 Module
PG Research Projects in Health ZXX-4802 Module
PGR Preparation for Teaching NHS-4383 Module
Pharmacoecon. & HTA NHS-3400 Module
Pharmacogenomics & Strat HC MSE-4087 Module
Pharmacogenomics and genetics MSE-3029 Module
Pharmacology & Drug Developmen MSE-3022 Module
Physical Exam & Diagnos Theory NHS-4359 Module
Physio Leadership in Context NHS-4480 Module
Physiology & Pathophysiology NHS-4411 Module
Physiology & Pathophysiology NHS-4511 Module
Physiotherapy Practice NHS-4447 Module
Plan & Deliver Humanised Care NHS-4520 Module
Polisi Cym ar gyfer Ymarfer GC SCW-4005 Module
Positioning Dementia Care NHS-4368 Module
Positioning Dementia Care(e) NHS-4429 Module
Practical Medical Biochemistry MSE-2031 Module
Practice Based Learning (INT) NHS-3175 Module
Practice Placement 1 NHS-4455 Module
Practice Placement 2 NHS-4456 Module
Preparation for Practice RDR-3124 Module
Preparation for Practice NAC-3201 Module
Preparation for Practice NSC-3201 Module
Preparation for Practice NAC-3202 Module
Preparation for Practice (B) NSC-3202 Module
Preparation for Practice PT NPC-3201 Module
Prepare to train NDS-1000 Module
Prescribing for Pharmacists NHS-4259 Module
Prin of Prevention & Equity DL ILA-4911 Module
Princ. of Prevention & Equity ILA-4011 Module
Principles & Prac. Pub. Health NHS-4207 Module
Principles of Adult Nursing NHS-4408 Module
Principles of Adult Nursing NHS-4508 Module
Principles of Medical Biochem MSE-2032 Module
Principles of Neuropharm MSE-3033 Module
Principles of Pharmacology MSE-2033 Module
Principles of Physiotherapy Pr NHS-4449 Module
Principles of Public Health NHS-3195 Module
Principles of Rehabilitation NHS-4451 Module
Princples of Public Health (e) NHS-4405 Module
Prof and ethical issues NMW-3202 Module
Prof in mid practice NMW-3203 Module
Prof Practice Dev Portfolio NHS-4255 Module
Professional Development NCA-3111 Module
Professional Knowledge NAC-1001 Module
Professional Knowledge D NAC-1901 Module
Professional Knowledge disp NAC-1801 Module
Professional Knowledge-B NAC-1002 Module
Professional Knowledge-G1 NEC-1002 Module
Professional Knowledge-S1 NEC-1001 Module
Professional Knowledge-S2 NMC-1001 Module
Professional Practice NAC-1209 Module
Professional Practice RDR-3011 Module
Professional Practice 1 NHS-1117 Module
Professionalism in Practice MSE-3030 Module
Proficiency in midwifery prac NMW-3032 Module
Project Management Module NHS-1125 Module
Project ProposalMS MSE-4079 Module
Promoting Excellence NMW-2030 Module
Promoting Excellence NMW-3030 Module
Promoting Health NLA-2211 Module
Promoting Health (B) NLA-2212 Module
Prosiect Ymchwil MSC-3013 Module
Public Health & Epidemiology MSE-4065 Module
Public Health Dissertation NHS-4438 Module
Public Health Nutrition NHS-4221 Module
Public health role of mid NMW-2202 Module
Quality in Mental Health NHS-4454 Module
Radiographic Interpretation RDR-3122 Module
Radiographic Practice 1 RDR-1171 Module
Radiographic Practice 2 RDR-2171 Module
Radiographic Practice 2 RDR-2121 Module
Radiographic Practice 3 RDR-3171 Module
Radiographic Practice 3 RDR-3121 Module
Radiographic Theory 1 RDR-1172 Module
Radiographic Theory 2 RDR-2122 Module
Radiographic Theory 2 RDR-2172 Module
Radiography Practice 1 RDR-1121 Module
Radiography Resources RR1 Module
Radiography Theory 1 RDR-1122 Module
Realising Service Improvements NHS-4235 Module
Reflections on Research SXW-4015 Module
Reflective Imaging Practice RDR-3177 Module
Renal Nursing NHS-3118 Module
Research & Development Med Sci MSE-4013 Module
Research & Stats in Health ILA-4002 Module
Research & Stats in Health DL ILA-4902 Module
Research and Dissertation RDR-3174 Module
Research and Study Skills NHS-1205 Module
Research and study skills NCC-1205 Module
Research Methods NCC-2308 Module
Research Methods ILA-4914 Module
Research Methods NHS-2308 Module
Research methods ILA-4014 Module
Research Methods NHS-4250 Module
Research Methods S2 NHS-3006 Module
Research Project MSE-3013 Module
Research Project RDR-3013 Module
Research Project Proposal ILA-4004 Module
Research Project Proposal DL ILA-4904 Module
Research Seminars MSE-4018 Module
Research Skills MSE-4052 Module
Research Skills MSE-4027 Module
Research Skills MSD-4052 Module
Research Skills B MSE-0052 Module
Retrieval Medicine 1 NHS-4436 Module
Retrieval Medicine 2 NHS-4437 Module
Return to Nursing Practice NHS-3501 Module
Return to Practice (S) NHS-3251 Module
Risk Research NHS-4244 Module
Role of midwife in society NMW-2201 Module
RTP Midwifery NHS-3156 Module
Rural Health & Wellbeing NHS-4500 Module
Rural Health & Wellbeing ILA-4013 Module
Rural Health & Wellbeing NHS-3500 Module
Rural Health & Wellbeing DL ILA-4913 Module
S2 Leg Ulcer Nursing NHS-3167 Module
Safbwynt Gwaith Cymdeithasol NCC-2401 Module
Safbwynt Gwaith Cymdeithasol NHS-2401 Module
Safe Administration Aesthetic NHS-4426 Module
Sectional Imaging RDR-3173 Module
Sem 2 Leadership in Health NHS-3165 Module
Seminars in Medical Biology MSE-3036 Module
Sgiliau Allweddol Gwydd'r Medd MSC-1017 Module
Sgillau Galwedigaethol MSC-2017 Module
Short-term Work Placement MSE-9008 Module
Social & Behavioural Science NHS-3188 Module
Social & Behavioural Science NHS-4004 Module
Social Behavioural Science (e) NHS-4388 Module
Social Science Perspectives NHS-1201 Module
Social Work Dissertation SXW-4010 Module
Social Work Perspectives NCC-2400 Module
Social Work Perspectives NHS-2400 Module
Sociology of Health NCC-2201 Module
Sociology of Health NHS-2201 Module
Surgery 1 NHS-1102 Module
Surgical Care NHS-4395 Module
Surgical Care NHS-3097 Module
SW with Adults SXW-4002 Module
Sylf Gwyb a Sgil ar gyfer GC SCW-4003 Module
System Leadership ILA-4012 Module
System Leadership DL ILA-4912 Module
Teaching & Leadership MSD-4066 Module
Teaching & Setting Evaluation MSD-4031 Module
Teaching & Setting Evaluation MSE-4031 Module
Teaching&Learning Clinical Ctx MSE-4010 Module
Technolegau Clinigol Cymhwysol MSC-2026 Module
Technology In Teaching MSD-4032 Module
Technology In Teaching MSE-4032 Module
The Acutely Ill Child NCA-3201 Module
The Acutely Ill Child Fast Tk NCA-3301 Module
The Developing CYP NCA-2211 Module
The Developing CYP (B) NCA-2212 Module
The LD Nurse in Prac Fast TK NLA-3301 Module
The LD Nurse in Practice NLA-3201 Module
The LD Nurse in Practice (B) NLA-3202 Module
Therapeutics MSE-4026 Module
Therapeutics & Pharmacology MSE-4064 Module
Therapeutics & Pharmacology B MSE-0064 Module
Therapeutics & Practice MSE-2010 Module
Tissue Viability NHS-3150 Module
Tissue Viability NHS-4150 Module
Traethawd Hir MSC-3008 Module
Traethawd Hir G C SCW-4010 Module
Transforming Health Care NHS-3020 Module
Vocational and Research Skills MSE-2028 Module
Vocational Skills MSE-4063 Module
Vocational Skills B MSE-0063 Module
Vulnerable Populations NHS-1206 Module
Women & Society HC recipients NMX-1021 Module
Women & Society HC recipients NMW-1021 Module
Work Based Learning NHS-3111 Module
Work based learning NHS-4226 Module
Work Based Study 1 NHS-2303 Module
Work Experience MSE-2034 Module
Work Placement MSE-9009 Module
Work Placement NHS-9009 Module
Work-Based Action Research ILA-4003 Module
Work-Based Action Research DL ILA-4903 Module
Work-Based CPD ILA-4001 Module
Work-Based CPD DL ILA-4901 Module
Work-based Dissertation ILA-4000 Module
Work-based Dissertation DL ILA-4900 Module
Working With Vulnerable Popula NCC-1206 Module
Working with young people NHS-3131 Module
World Poverty & Inequality NHS-2203 Module
Y Broses Ymchwil SCW-4109 Module
Y Cwrs Bywyd SCW-4007 Module
Ymarfer Da'r Labordy MSC-1019 Module
Ymarferion Biofeddygol MSC-1020 Module

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