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Advanced Therapeutics & Pharm MSE-4071 Module
Applied Anatomy MSE-4067 Module
Applied Anatomy MSE-3009 Module
Applied Clinical Cognition MSE-4093 Module
Applied Clinical Technologies MSE-2026 Module
Applied Diagnostic Sciences MSE-4069 Module
Applied Physiology MSE-3010 Module
Applied Physiology MSE-4068 Module
Applied Vocational Skills MSE-4070 Module
Basic Clinical Biochemistry MSE-2016 Module
Bioinformatics & Genomic Data MSE-4080 Module
Biology for Medical Sciences MSE-0001 Module
Biomed Sci Placement MSE-9000 Module
Biomedical Practicals MSE-1020 Module
Blood Sciences MSE-4090 Module
Cancer Pharmacology MSE-2030 Module
Cardiovascular, Renal and Resp MSE-2036 Module
Cell and Molecular Pathology MSE-2027 Module
Cell and Molecular Pathology MSE-4091 Module
Cell Biology MSE-2020 Module
Chemistry for Medical Sciences MSE-0002 Module
Clinical Anatomy MSE-4060 Module
Clinical Anatomy MSE-2013 Module
Clinical Biochemistry MSE-3018 Module
Clinical Evaluation MSD-4030 Module
Clinical Physiology MSE-2006 Module
Clinical Physiology MSE-4061 Module
Clinical Teaching Evaluation MSE-4030 Module
Contemporary issues in Med Sc MSE-3032 Module
Curriculum Design & Planning MSE-4014 Module
Cyflwyniad Meicrobioleg MSC-1022 Module
Diagnostic Cellular Pathology MSE-3019 Module
Diagnostic Sciences MSE-4062 Module
Dissertation MSE-4025 Module
Ethical Legal & Social Consid MSE-4082 Module
Ffisoleg Clinigol MSC-2006 Module
Ffisoleg Dynol MSC-1021 Module
Foundation in Therapeutics MSE-1010 Module
Foundation-Molecules and Cells MSE-1007 Module
Foundations in Chemistry MSE-1024 Module
Genome Instability MSE-3023 Module
Genomics & Cancer MSE-4083 Module
Genomics & Infectious Disease MSE-4084 Module
Good Laboratory Practice MSE-1019 Module
Haematoleg MSC-3015 Module
Haematoleg a Trallwysiad MSC-2015 Module
Haematology MSE-3015 Module
Haematology & Transfusion MSE-2015 Module
History of Medicine MSE-0003 Module
Human Genetics & Genomics MSE-4086 Module
Human Immunology MSE-2014 Module
Human Immunology & Disease MSE-4041 Module
Human Molecular Genetics MSE-4040 Module
Human Physiology & Anatomy MSE-1021 Module
Humans: Structure & Function MSE-0004 Module
Infection Prevention 1 MSE-4128 Module
Infection Prevention 1 MSE-4131 Module
Infection Prevention 2 MSE-4129 Module
Infection Prevention 2 MSE-4130 Module
Infections:Diagnosis & Disease MSE-3034 Module
Infectious Sciences MSE-4092 Module
Intro to Academic Skills MSE-0005 Module
Intro to Laboratory Skills MSE-0006 Module
Introduction to Microbiology MSE-1022 Module
Key Skills in Medical Science MSE-1017 Module
Laboratory Molecular Research MSE-3035 Module
Laboratory Molecular Research MSE-4042 Module
Leadership & Teaching MSE-4066 Module
Masters Dissertation MSE-4125 Module
Masters Research Skills MSE-4127 Module
MEDIC 1 C21gC/nW CAR-1001 Module
MEDIC 2 C21gC/nW CAR-2002 Module
MEDIC 3 C21gC/nW CAR-3003 Module
MEDIC 4 C21gC/nW CAR-4004 Module
MEDIC 5 C21gC/nW CAR-5005 Module
Medical Genetics MSE-3017 Module
Medical Microbiology MSE-2019 Module
Microbioleg a Chiefydau Dyn MSC-3014 Module
Microbioleg Meddygol MSC-2019 Module
Microbiology & Human Disease MSE-3014 Module
Molecular Biology & Biochem MSE-2025 Module
Molecular Diagnostics MSE-4089 Module
MRes Research Project MSE-4077 Module
Numeracy for Medical Sciences MSE-0007 Module
OMICS MSE-4081 Module
Patholeg Cell a Moleciwlaidd MSC-2027 Module
Patholeg Cellog MSC-3019 Module
Pathophysiology MSE-3016 Module
Pharmacogenomics & Strat HC MSE-4087 Module
Pharmacology & Drug Developmen MSE-3022 Module
Principles of Pharmacology MSE-2033 Module
Prosiect Ymchwil MSC-3013 Module
Public Health & Epidemiology MSE-4065 Module
Research Project MSE-3013 Module
Research Seminars MSE-4018 Module
Research Skills MSE-4027 Module
Research Skills MSD-4052 Module
Seminars in Medical Biology MSE-3036 Module
Sgiliau Allweddol Gwydd'r Medd MSC-1017 Module
Short-term Work Placement MSE-9008 Module
Teaching & Setting Evaluation MSD-4031 Module
Technolegau Clinigol Cymhwysol MSC-2026 Module
Technology In Teaching MSD-4032 Module
Therapeutics & Pharmacology MSE-4064 Module
Therapeutics & Practice MSE-2010 Module
Toxicology MSE-2037 Module
Vocational and Research Skills MSE-2028 Module
Vocational Skills MSE-4063 Module
Work Placement MSE-9009 Module
Ymarfer Da'r Labordy MSC-1019 Module
Ymarferion Biofeddygol MSC-1020 Module

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