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Financial Ethics & Regulation ABJ-4446 Module
HRM at Work ASB-2605 Module
Accounting Dissertation ABJ-4907 Module
Accounting Dissertation ASB-4907 Module
Accounting Theory ASB-4418 Module
Accounting Theory ABJ-4418 Module
Adv Accounting Theory & Pract ASB-3219 Module
Adv.Accounting Theory & Pract ASB-3211 Module
Advanced Accounting Theory and ACC-3106 Module
Advanced Audit ACC-3107 Module
Advanced Corporate Finance FSB-3210 Module
Advanced Corporate Finance ASB-3210 Module
Advanced Corporate Finance ASB-3220 Module
Advanced Corporate Finance ABF-3105 Module
Advanced Corporate Finance ETB-3210 Module
Advanced Econometrics ASB-3151 Module
Advanced Fin Rep & Reg ASB-4419 Module
Advanced Fin Rep & Reg ABJ-4419 Module
Advanced Inv Theory & Practice BAK-3108 Module
Advanced Management Accounting ASB-3507 Module
Applied Business Projects ABM-4904 Module
Applied Business Projects ABJ-4904 Module
Applied Business Projects ASB-4904 Module
Applied Business Projects (IM) ABJ-4905 Module
Applied Business Projects (IM) ASB-4905 Module
Applied Economics ASB-3316 Module
Auditing ASB-3214 Module
Auditing ASB-3218 Module
Bank Financial Management ASB-4402 Module
Bank Financial Management ABJ-4402 Module
Bank Management ASB-3525 Module
Bank Management ETB-3525 Module
Banking Technology & FinTech ASB-9053 Module
Banking Technology & FinTech ASB-9049 Module
Banks and Financial Markets ASB-2701 Module
Banks and Financial Markets ASB-2501 Module
Beh and Exp Econ ASB-2121 Module
Behavioural Finance ASB-3314 Module
Behavioural Finance ETB-3309 Module
Brand and Retail Management ASB-2533 Module
Brand and Retail Management ASB-3533 Module
Brand and Retail Management HMB-2533 Module
Brand Management ASB-3530 Module
Bus Dev within an Ethi Agenda ASB-3153 Module
Bus Management Dissertation FSB-3413 Module
Business Analytics ASB-1114 Module
Business Analytics Coding ASB-1304 Module
Business Information Systems HMB-2112 Module
Business Information Systems ASB-2019 Module
BusManagement Project ASB-3413 Module
Capital Mkts & Treasury Mgt ASB-9040 Module
Central Banking & Monetary Pol ETB-2010 Module
Central Banking & Monetary Pol HMB-2010 Module
Central Banking & Monetary Pol ASB-2710 Module
Central Banking & Monetary Pol ASB-2010 Module
CMI in Ethics, Sust, HRM, Tour ASB-1007 Module
Coding for Business Applicatio ABJ-4012 Module
Coding for Business Applicatio ASB-4012 Module
Coding for Business Applicatio ABJ-4062 Module
Com Aware and Insight of Work HMB-2021 Module
Com Awareness & Insight of Wor ASB-2021 Module
Company Law for Business ACC-3102 Module
Comparative Banking BAK-3112 Module
Competition and Strategy ASB-3144 Module
Consultancy Project ASB-3430 Module
Consumer Behaviour ASB-2116 Module
Consumers in Global & Digital ASB-4440 Module
Consumers in Global & Digital ABJ-4440 Module
Contemporary issues in Mgment ABJ-4426 Module
Contemporary Issues in Mgmt ASB-4426 Module
Contemporary Issues in TTH ETB-3003 Module
Core Competencies PG Reseacher ASB-4931 Module
Corporate Finance ASB-2209 Module
Corporate Finance ASB-2202 Module
Corporate Finance ETB-2209 Module
Corporate Finance ASB-2709 Module
Corporate Finance HMB-2209 Module
Corporate Finance ASB-3200 Module
Corporate Finance ASB-9032 Module
Corporate Gov'nce & Regulation ASB-2717 Module
Corporate Governance ASB-3528 Module
Corporate Strategy ASB-9033 Module
Creative Content Marketing ASB-3002 Module
Creative Content Marketing HMB-2002 Module
Credit & Lending ASB-4447 Module
Credit & Lending ABJ-4447 Module
Credit and Lending ASB-9031 Module
Credit Risk Analytics ABJ-4416 Module
Credit Risk Analytics ASB-4416 Module
Current Issues in Bus & Mgmt ASB-4936 Module
Customer Insight Analytics ABJ-4119 Module
Customer Insight Analytics ASB-4119 Module
Customer Insight Project ASB-3119 Module
Cyfathrebu Marchnata a Chyfryn ADB-2520 Module
Data Science ABJ-4061 Module
Data Science ASB-4011 Module
Data Science ABJ-4011 Module
Data Science ASB-2321 Module
Databases in Business and Fina ASB-1305 Module
Digital Marketing Essentials ASB-1604 Module
Discover Economics ASB-1004 Module
Dulliau Dadansoddi Busnes ADB-1114 Module
e-Marketing ABJ-4114 Module
e-Marketing ASB-4114 Module
e-Marketing ETB-3114 Module
e-Marketing ASB-3114 Module
e-Marketing ABM-4114 Module
Economeg CORE ACB-1300 Module
Econometrics ASB-2017 Module
Econometrics HMB-2017 Module
Econometrics ETB-2017 Module
Econometrics BAK-3113 Module
Econometrics ASB-3317 Module
Econometrics ETB-3317 Module
Economics of Tourism ASB-2012 Module
Economics-Autumn ASB-1002 Module
Economics-Spring ASB-1003 Module
Egwyddorion Marchnata ADB-1605 Module
Ent, Creativity & Innov ASB-3152 Module
Entrepreneur, Cap & the Firm ETB-3104 Module
Entrepreneurship Cap & Firm FSB-3104 Module
Ethics in Tourism &Hospitality ETB-3001 Module
Executive Compensation ASB-3527 Module
Executive Compensation ETB-3527 Module
FCB ASB-9054 Module
Fin Techniques and Analysis ASB-1117 Module
Finance ASB-2203 Module
Finance Dissertation ASB-4909 Module
Finance Dissertation ABJ-4909 Module
Finance for Managers ASB-4007 Module
Finance for Managers ABJ-4007 Module
Financial Accounting ACC-3103 Module
Financial Analysis ASB-4406 Module
Financial Analysis ASB-9043 Module
Financial Analysis ABJ-4406 Module
Financial Crime ASB-9050 Module
Financial Crises & Regulation ASB-9044 Module
Financial Derivatives ASB-3529 Module
Financial Econometrics ABJ-4408 Module
Financial Econometrics ASB-4408 Module
Financial Economics ETB-3313 Module
Financial Economics ASB-3313 Module
Financial Economics ASB-3143 Module
Financial Ethics & Regulation ASB-4446 Module
Financial Ethics & Regulation ABM-4446 Module
Financial Institutions R.Mgt ASB-9030 Module
Financial Reporting ASB-2713 Module
Financial Reporting HMB-2513 Module
Financial Reporting ASB-2513 Module
Financial Research & CFA ABJ-4910 Module
Financial Research & CFA ASB-4910 Module
Financial Services Compliance ASB-9047 Module
Financial Statement Analysis ASB-3222 Module
Financial Statement Analysis ASB-3208 Module
Financial Statement Analysis I ACC-3104 Module
Financial Technology ASB-3010 Module
Financial Technology ASB-4008 Module
Financial Technology ABM-4008 Module
Financial Technology ETB-3008 Module
Financial Technology ABJ-4008 Module
FinTech with Project ABJ-4013 Module
FinTech with Project ASB-4013 Module
Foundation in Social Research ASB-4932 Module
Foundations of Marketing ASB-1605 Module
Global Brand Management ABM-4530 Module
Global Brand Management ABJ-4530 Module
Global Brand Management ASB-4530 Module
Heritage &Experimental Tourism ETB-3002 Module
HRM in an Ethical Agenda ASB-3535 Module
HTM for Travel, Tourism & Hosp ETV-3901 Module
IFCC ASB-9055 Module
Industrial Organisation ASB-3514 Module
Infrastructure Data Analytics ASB-2322 Module
Int'l Financial Markets ABJ-4403 Module
Int'l Financial Markets ASB-4403 Module
Int'l Marketing Communication ASB-4521 Module
Int'l Marketing Communication ABJ-4521 Module
Int'l Marketing Communication ABM-4521 Module
Int'l Strategic Management ABM-4413 Module
Int'l Strategic Management ASB-4413 Module
Int'l Strategic Management ABJ-4413 Module
Int'l Tax: Policy and Practice ABJ-4442 Module
Int'l Tax: Policy and Practice ASB-4442 Module
International Banking ETB-3201 Module
International Banking ABJ-4411 Module
International Banking ASB-4411 Module
International Banking BAK-3110 Module
International Banking ASB-3140 Module
International Business Comp ETB-3122 Module
International Econ and Trade ASB-2013 Module
International Marketing ABJ-4439 Module
International Marketing ASB-3439 Module
International Marketing ASB-4439 Module
International Placement ASB-3901 Module
International Placement ASB-3902 Module
International Strategic MKT ASB-3007 Module
Intl Business Competency FSB-3122 Module
Intl Business Competency ASB-3122 Module
Intro to the Employee Lifecycl ASB-1009 Module
Investment ETB-3217 Module
Investment & Inv Banking BAK-3109 Module
Investment & Portfolio Managem ASB-3522 Module
Investment & Portfolio Mgmnt ASB-2522 Module
Investment & Portfolio Mgmnt ASB-2722 Module
Investment and Portfolio Mgmt HMB-2522 Module
Investment and Portfolio Mgmt ETB-2522 Module
Investment Banking ASB-3512 Module
Invstmt Strat & Portfolio Mgmt ABJ-4125 Module
Invstmt Strat & Portfolio Mgmt ASB-4125 Module
IPG ASB-9057 Module
Islamic Acc & Fin Reporting ABJ-4427 Module
Islamic Acc & Fin Reporting ASB-4427 Module
Islamic Bank & Finance ASB-9039 Module
Islamic Banking ABJ-4424 Module
Islamic Banking ASB-4424 Module
Islamic Finance ASB-4423 Module
Islamic Finance ABJ-4423 Module
Islamic Insurance ABJ-4428 Module
Islamic Insurance ASB-4428 Module
Issues and Trends in Marketing ASB-3534 Module
Knowledge Management ASB-4030 Module
Knowledge Management ABM-4030 Module
Knowledge Management ABJ-4030 Module
Law for Business ASB-2705 Module
Law for Business ASB-3405 Module
Law for Business HMB-2405 Module
Law for Business ASB-2405 Module
Lead, Mgmnt & Employee Dev ASB-3155 Module
Leadership and HRM FSB-2521 Module
MA Dissertation ABJ-4900 Module
MA Dissertation ASB-4900 Module
MA Dissertation ABM-4900 Module
Macroeconomics ASB-3301 Module
Macroeconomics ASB-2308 Module
Macroeconomics ETB-3301 Module
Management Accounting ASB-2507 Module
Management Accounting HMB-2519 Module
Management Accounting ASB-2719 Module
Management Accounting ASB-3050 Module
Management Accounting ASB-2519 Module
Management Accounting ASB-4420 Module
Management and Enterprise ASB-1006 Module
Management Planning and Coord HMB-2020 Module
Management Research ASB-4115 Module
Management Research ABJ-4115 Module
Managerial Economics ASB-9034 Module
Market Risk Analysis ETB-3111 Module
Market Risk Analytics ASB-3001 Module
Market Risk Analytics ASB-4417 Module
Market Risk Analytics ABJ-4417 Module
Marketing & Soc Media Communic ASB-2520 Module
Marketing and Social Media Com HMB-2520 Module
Marketing and Society ASB-3006 Module
Marketing Applied Project ASB-3003 Module
Marketing Dissertation ASB-3004 Module
Marketing in Practice ASB-1603 Module
Marketing Preformance monitori ASB-3005 Module
Marketing Research HMB-2109 Module
Marketing Research ETB-2109 Module
Marketing Research and CRM HMB-2603 Module
Marketing Research and CRM ASB-2603 Module
Marketing Strat & Mangement ETB-3103 Module
Marketing Strategy ASB-4006 Module
Marketing Strategy ABM-4006 Module
Marketing Strategy ASB-9038 Module
Marketing Strategy ABJ-4006 Module
Marketing Strategy & Man FSB-3103 Module
MBA Dissertation ABJ-4901 Module
MBA Dissertation ABM-4901 Module
MBA Dissertation ASB-4901 Module
Merger and Acquisition ASB-4437 Module
Merger and Acquisition ASB-3141 Module
Mgmnt & Acc Info Systems ASB-2514 Module
Mgmnt Planning & Co-ordination ASB-2020 Module
Microeconomics ASB-2307 Module
Money & Banking BAK-3111 Module
MSC Dissertation ABJ-4902 Module
MSC Dissertation ASB-4908 Module
MSC Dissertation ASB-4902 Module
Multi'l Corporate Finance ABM-4405 Module
Multi'l Corporate Finance ASB-4405 Module
Multinl Corporate Finance ABJ-4405 Module
New Venture Creation ABJ-4010 Module
New Venture Creation ASB-9045 Module
New Venture Creation ASB-4010 Module
NSAFC ASB-9061 Module
Op strat across the enterprise ASB-2018 Module
Operations Strat Across the En HMB-2018 Module
Organisations and People ASB-4431 Module
Organisations and People ABJ-4431 Module
Organisations and People ABM-4431 Module
People and Organisational Beha ASB-9035 Module
Personal Finance and Banking ASB-1502 Module
Personal Finance and Banking ASB-2502 Module
Portfolio Management FSB-3215 Module
Portfolio Management ETB-3215 Module
Princ of Lead & Emp Engagement ASB-2023 Module
Princ of Mgmnt & Organisation ASB-1005 Module
Principles of Financial Accoun ASB-1120 Module
Principles of Leader & Emp Eng HMB-2023 Module
Principles of Management Accou ASB-1121 Module
Principles of Mant Accounting ASB-2122 Module
Private Bank Wealth Mgt ASB-9041 Module
Prof Competence in Educ & Empl ASB-4031 Module
Prof'l Competence in Edu & Emp ABJ-4031 Module
Prof.Ethics & Regulation ASB-9036 Module
Professional Marketing Skills ASB-2601 Module
Professional Marketing Skills ASB-1601 Module
Prosiect Marchnata Cymhwysol ADB-3003 Module
Qual. Methods for Researchers ASB-4934 Module
Quantitative Methods Reseacher ASB-4935 Module
Research Applications ASB-4933 Module
Research Colloquium ASB-4930 Module
Research Methods ABJ-4101 Module
Research Methods ASB-4101 Module
Research Methods ASB-9037 Module
Retail Banking ASB-9048 Module
Services and Experiential Mark HMB-2602 Module
Services and Experiential MKT ASB-2602 Module
Sgiliau Marchnata Proffesiynol ADB-1661 Module
Strategic Management ASB-3009 Module
Strategic Management FSB-3009 Module
Strategic Management Account ASB-2718 Module
Strategic Management Account ETB-2518 Module
Strategic Management Accountin HMB-2518 Module
Strategic Management Accountin ASB-2518 Module
Sustainable Banking ASB-3321 Module
Sustainable Management of Tour ASB-2025 Module
Taxation ASB-3221 Module
Taxation ACC-3101 Module
Techneg Dadansoddiad Cyllidol ADB-1117 Module
Technology and Digitalisation ASB-2024 Module
Technology in Marketing ASB-1602 Module
The Economy of Wales ASB-3150 Module
The Live Event ETB-3004 Module
The Marketing of Services ASB-2117 Module
Tourism in Practice ASB-2026 Module
Tourism structure & infrastruc ASB-1008 Module
Traethawd Marchnata ADB-3004 Module
Trends in Marketing ASB-3532 Module
Understanding the Global Econ ASB-3142 Module
Work Placement 1 Year ASB-3903 Module

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