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Name Code Type
Adv Inv Theory & Practice ASB-3705 Module
Adv.Accounting Theory & Prac ASB-3711 Module
Advanced Corporate Finance ASB-3710 Module
Auditing ASB-3714 Module
Bank Management ASB-2725 Module
Business Analytics ASB-1274 Module
Business Study Skills ASB-1270 Module
CORE Economics ASB-1172 Module
Corporate Risk Management ASB-3704 Module
Econometrics ASB-3707 Module
Economics for Managers ASB-2703 Module
English for Profess'l Finance QXS-2007 Module
Finance ASB-2701 Module
Financial Accounting 1 ASB-2715 Module
Financial Economics ASB-3703 Module
Financial Mathematics ASB-1275 Module
Financial Mrkts & Institutions ASB-1272 Module
Financial Statement Analysis ASB-3708 Module
Grammar and Writing QXS-1204 Module
International Banking ASB-3701 Module
International Econ & Finance ASB-2706 Module
Intro to Business and Mgmt ASB-1173 Module
Introduction to Marketing ASB-1174 Module
Investment ASB-2709 Module
Investment Banking ASB-3702 Module
Law for non-Lawyers 1 ASB-1273 Module
Law for non-Lawyers 2 ASB-2711 Module
Macroeconomics ASB-3709 Module
Macroeconomics ASB-2702 Module
Management Accounting 1 & 2 ASB-2707 Module
Mgmt & Financial Accounting ASB-1170 Module
Money and Banking ASB-3706 Module
Probability and Optimisation ASB-2708 Module
Quantitative Methods ASB-1171 Module
Speaking & Listening QXS-1203 Module
Statistical Methods ASB-2710 Module
Taxation ASB-3712 Module

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